SFC Smart Money Manipulation - Liquidity, Structure

This indicator shows very important information about the market.

- Market structure
- Important Ranges
- Liquidity
- Trading session
- Daily Checklist

Market structure

Market structure is the behaviour, condition, and current flow of the market. It highlights support and resistance levels, swing highs, and swing lows. A trend is simply a consistent direction of price movement over time. Market structure can tell you if the market is trending or not.

Market structure is a lagging indicator, because Highs and Lows must to be created in order to define the structure properly. The structure provide the most important information about the market.

Market structure can provide early signals about the trend.
- If the structure continues to break in the same direction, it means that the trend is healthy and will continue (BoS).
- If the structure break in the opposite direction, means that the trend may reverse or pause for a while (CHoCH).

Important ranges

- Asia Range - it is important intraday range and can provide early information if the day will be bullish or bearish .
- Most recent High/Low - determine the last swing
- Premium/ Discount zone with Fibonacci levels - the institutions always want to buy in discount and sell in premium.

Areas where a lot of traders get into the market and theirs stop losses are obvious. So the banks will manipulate the price to clear these stop losses, before price go in real direction. The banks will always hunt the liquidity.

The major liquidity is:
- Doji candle - displayed
- Double/Triple Highs or Lows - displayed
- Fair value gaps - displayed
- Imbalances - displayed
- Trend lines
- Big wicks

Trading Sessions

Price and Time theory is very significant in Smart Money Concept. The banks do not just place orders chaotically. They place it in specific time.
The indicator shows the Asia, London and New York intraday sessions and the kill zones.

Kill Zone - most manipulated time in the day, where institutions try to wipe out the retail traders and establish the true move.

Daily Checklist

Simple, but very useful checklist. It shows the most important daily steps in order qualitative analysis to be created.

How to use

1) Use the swing highs and lows and check the current structure.
2) Look where is the major liquidity. By default orange colour. When liquidity is retested from the price ,it change the colour from orange to gray. Retested liquidity is no more significant for the banks.
3) Use the important ranges to define the pullbacks or reversals or trading ranges.
4) Use the trading sessions and kill zones to place orders in the right time.
5) Use the "daily checklist" every day - step by step. It helps trader to analyse the current market.

-Show pivots , Pivot confirmation candles, Equal Highs/Lows sensitivity
-Show structures breaks
-Show most recent high/low
-Show Asia range
-Show premium/ discount zone with Fibonacci levels
-Show liquidity, Colour of liquidity, Color of retested liquidity, Doji settings
-Show Trading sessions
-Show daily checklist

Release Notes:
minor bug fixes
Release Notes:
minor bug fixes
Release Notes:
minor bug fixes
Release Notes:
bug fixes

-Market manipulation
-Liquidity calculation
-Economic and price action indicators
-MTF Pivot points

*Fundamental analysis
*Technical analys
*Quantitative analysis

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