Easy Directional Movement Index

Nothing more than a graphical tweak for the integrated Directional movement index (DMI). The purpose is to make the reading of the DMI easier and more immediate.
The area between DI+ and DI- is filled, and the indicator's range in divided into 4 sections, each of them representing a different price tendency:
- When ADX line is inside the red colored area (0-25), the market is in a ranging phase.
- When inside the aqua colored area (25-50), there is a trend.
- When inside the blue colored area (50-75), there is a strong trend
- When inside the navy colored area (75-100), there is an extremely strong trend.
However keep in mind that these are default levels that may be not always significant. You can change them from the script settings as you prefer, to better tweak your analysis.

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Release Notes: Updates:
- Removed unnecessary code lines

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Release Notes: Changelog:
- Added dummy variable for price data. You can compute DMI using Heikin Ashi prices by selecting the corresponding option in the setting.

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