[TT$] Trade Tracker - By BlueJayBird

- For visually tracking your trades in a floating pane (label).
- Most of the features are described in the image.

- Better long-position and short-position tool wannabe.
- Visual data for tracking your trade position.
- Automatic setting of some common values in trades risk management.
- Switching from long-position to short-position can be done by just dragging the target or the entry point around.

- ⏰ Entry time: : Confirmed manually when the tool is added to the chart.
- 🎲 Entry: Confirmed manually when the tool is added to the chart.
- 🎯 Target: Confirmed manually when the tool is added to the chart.
- ⛔ Stop-Loss: Set automatically by the code.
- 🪓 Break Even: Set automatically by the code.
- 👻 Else: Set manually from the settings.
- 💲 Current: Automatic.

- Be aware of the "time zone" feature. Change it to the time you're currently using for your trades.
- QUOTE use is really optional. I'd rather not use it.
- The 👻 is just an extra feature. Do whatever you want with it (example: for pointing out a dangerous zone).
- 💱: "Fee" feature is not working, but it will. Sorry for that.
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