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** L4.1 Golden Magic-3: The Ultimate Trading Symphony**

Ladies and gentlemen, traders of the world, gather 'round as we unveil the L4.1 Golden Magic-3, a symphony of indicators that will make your trading charts sing like a nightingale in a full moonlight!

1. **Zen Master: The Philosopher's Stone of Trading Indicators**
Imagine a world where trading is not just a game of numbers but a deep dive into the geometric ballet of the markets. That's where Zen Master comes in, my favorite chart indicator, inspired by the enigmatic Zen Theory. It's like a secret recipe known only to a select few, much like the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. But fear not, for I shall share the wisdom of "Preaching Zen in Tangles" with you. Zen Theory is a mathematical masterpiece, akin to Bill Williams' Fractals but with a twist that makes it a perfect fit for multi-timeframe (MTF) applications. And let's not forget the Zen Kiss, a moving average that's as smooth as silk, combining several novel indicators for a market geometry that's as clear as crystal.

2. **Taurus SAR: The Bull's-Eye of Price Movements**
Picture a world where the traditional SAR is not just a trailing stop but a robust guardian of your trades. That's Taurus SAR for you, designed to filter out the noise and bring clarity to your entries and exits. It's like having a personal bodyguard for your trades, ensuring they're as strong and sturdy as a Taurus.

3. **Jurik Moving Average (JMA): The Rainbow of Market Momentum**
Ever wondered what it's like to see the market's heartbeat in living color? The JMA Colored is here to paint your charts with a gradient of colors that not only identify trends but also reflect the market's pulse. Warmer colors scream "overbought," while cooler ones whisper "oversold." It's like watching a sunset, knowing when to take a break and when to seize the moment.

4. **Predictive Magic-3 Sequence: The Market's Hidden Playbook**
We all know the Fibonacci sequence, with its mystical numbers 9 and 13. But what if I told you that the real star is number 3? Yes, the number that's always eager to be noticed. The L5 Predictive Magic-3 Sequence is my ode to this unsung hero, revealing that every 3 and its multiples could be the director of market plays. It's like being in the audience of a three-act play, where the third act is the climax, and number 3 is the maestro orchestrating the market's grand finale.

So, my fellow traders, let the L4.1 Golden Magic-3 be your guide in the labyrinth of markets. With this combo, you'll navigate the twists and turns with the grace of a Zen master, the strength of a Taurus, the vision of Jurik, and the foresight of the Magic-3. Embrace the magic, and may your trades be as golden as the name suggests!

*Disclaimer: Trading involves risk, and this document is for internal test purposes only. *
Release Notes:
Add input setting for Price labels,
Some adjustment for color and inputs setting.
Release Notes:
Thanks to @Justine Ennen
I corrected label overlap issue.

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