[MF] Auto Fibonacci Levels

Automatically draw Fibonacci Pivot levels based on the previous (day's, week's or month's)
Range ( High-Low ). The HLC3 is used as the default Pivot level.
Unlike the "Auto Fibonacci Levels", this variation does not update
Levels on current day even if the price goes past the R3/S3 levels.
Timeframes: 1D, 1W, 1M

Range = (High - Low) - From previous Day, Week or month.

- Yellow = Pivot and Pivot Zone (HLC3 by default)
- red = R1,S1 Levels 0.236 * Range
- Green = R2,S2 Levels 0.368 * Range
- Lime = R3,S3 Levels 0.618 * Range
- Blue = R4,S4 Levels 0.786 * Range
- Gray = R5,S5 Levels 1.000 * Range
- Lime = R6 ,S6 Levels 1.236 * Range
- Red = R7,S7 Levels 1.382 * Range
- Blue = R8,S8 Levels 1.618 * Range
- Green = R9,S9 Levels 2.000 * Range

- Yellow = Pivot and Pivot Zone (HLC3)
- Green = R1,S1 Levels (Pivot*2 - Low), (Pivot*2 - High)
- Lime = R2,S2 Levels ( Pivot + Range), ( Pivot - Range)
- Lime = R3,S3 Levels (High + 2*( Pivot - Low)), (Low - 2*(High - Pivot ))
- Blue = R4,S4 Levels (High + 3*( Pivot - Low)), (Low - 3*(High - Pivot ))

- Auto Daily Fib Levels R3.0 by JustUncleL
- Auto Fib by TheYangGuizi
- Monthly Dynamic Range Levels (Fibonaci) V0 by RicardoSantos

- Added next FIB Levels. (changes during the current cycle)
- Added FIB 0.236 Levels
- Added Option to change the colors of the Fib Levels
- Changed Default colors to the colors of Tradingview
- Upgraded to Version4 Pinescript
Release Notes: Fix problem of the color transparency
Release Notes: Update:
- Added Labels of Current Lines
- Fixed error of negativ Support Lines
Release Notes: Update 2:
- Changed how many decimal places have the price in the Labels
Release Notes: Fixed error of monthly close
Release Notes: Updated
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