MTF Ichimoku Signal [Takazudo]

A multi timeframe Ichimoku Signal indicator. This indicator shows the status of each Ichimoku Signals.

1. TK-Cross
Tenkan-Sen & Kijun-Sen cross status

2. Future Kumo
The newest Kumo color

3. Kumo & Current Relation
The relation between current price & Kumo.

4. Kumo & Chikou-Span Relation
The relation between Kumo & Chikou-Span.

5. Chikou-Span & Candle Cross
Chikou-Span & Candle cross status
Release Notes: Fixed compile error
Release Notes: updated screenshot
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not working unfortunately
Takazudo 3c2b49749e114b5995ef4023fc86b3
@3c2b49749e114b5995ef4023fc86b3, I confirmed that. Something seems to be changed on tradingview compiler environment. I may check later
vartrading Takazudo
@Takazudo, Thank you very much for this script, I was looking for something similar to ichi360 :). It is working for me now.
Takazudo vartrading
Thanks for the script.

Can you pls help explain how to use this indicator?
Its a buy when all colors are green?
Takazudo ajitpalsingh0522
@ajitpalsingh0522, dig this scripts by yourself