UCS_TTM_Wave A & B & C

This is a replica of TTM             Wave A B C.

The ABC Waves are comprised of various moving averages and oscillators ( MACD ) used to visualize the overall strength and direction of a given market across multiple time frames.
The “A Wave” measures short term relative strength and direction of a market, the “C Wave” measures longer term strength and the “B Wave” plots the same for a medium time period.

Here is the link to the ACTUAL Indicator - http://members.simpleroptions.com/options-trading-indicators/abcwaves/

Instruction -
Load the Indicator three times, Turn Off the Other two Waves. For eg., Wave A - Check / Wave B - Uncheck / Wave C - Uncheck. = This will plot Wave A.
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// Created by UCSGEARS on 8/30/2014
// Updated - 03/22/2014

study(title="UCS_TTM_Wave A & B & C", shorttitle="WAVE-A/B/C", precision = 2)

usewa = input(true, title = "Wave A", type=bool)
usewb = input(true, title = "Wave B", type=bool)
usewc = input(true, title = "Wave C", type=bool)

// Wave A
fastMA1 = usewa ? ema(close, 8) : na
slowMA1 = usewa ? ema(close, 34) : na
macd1 =  usewa ? fastMA1 - slowMA1 : na
signal1 =  usewa ? ema(macd1, 34) : na
hist1 =  usewa ? macd1 - signal1 : na

fastMA2 = usewa ? ema(close, 8) : na
slowMA2 = usewa ? ema(close, 55) : na
macd2 = usewa ? fastMA2 - slowMA2 : na
signal2 = usewa ? ema(macd2, 55) : na
hist2 = usewa ? macd2 - signal2 : na

// Wave B
fastMA3 = usewb ? ema(close, 8) : na
slowMA3 = usewb ? ema(close, 89) : na
macd3 = usewb ? fastMA3 - slowMA3 : na
signal3 = usewb ? ema(macd3, 89) : na
hist3 = usewb ? macd3 - signal3 : na

fastMA4 = usewb ? ema(close, 8) : na
slowMA4 = usewb ? ema(close, 144) : na
macd4 = usewb ? fastMA4 - slowMA4 : na
signal4 = usewb ? ema(macd4, 144) : na
hist4 = usewb ? macd4 - signal4 : na

// Wave C
fastMA5 = usewc ? ema(close, 8) : na
slowMA5 = usewc ? ema(close, 233) : na
macd5 = usewc ? fastMA5 - slowMA5 : na
signal5 = usewc ? ema(macd5, 233) : na
hist5 = usewc ? macd5 - signal5 : na

fastMA6 = usewc ? ema(close, 8) : na
slowMA6 = usewc ? ema(close, 377) : na
macd6 = usewc ? fastMA6 - slowMA6 : na

// PLOTs
plot(macd6, color=#FF0000, style=histogram, title="Wave C1", linewidth=3)
plot(hist5, color=#FF8C00, style=histogram, title="Wave C2", linewidth=3)

plot(hist4, color=#FF00FF, style=histogram, title="Wave B1", linewidth=3)
plot(hist3, color=#0000FF, style=histogram, title="Wave B2", linewidth=3)

plot(hist2, color=#008000, style=histogram, title="Wave A1", linewidth=3)
plot(hist1, color=#DAA520, style=histogram, title="Wave A2", linewidth=3)

hline(0, color=black, title = "Zero Line", linewidth = 2, linestyle = solid)
UCS...Your Freakin BIG TIME...

+1 Reply
ucsgears PRO ChrisMoody
Nice. I was thinking of doing that one as well. But I like your version better. =)
I use TOS for trading and they only have the A & C waves as a combined model. I was able to break them into the A and C waves, but that's it. I know Trade Station has all 3 but I don't use Trade Station. Now, with your help UCS, I have access to all 3 waves! Thank you.
you are welcome
NEW Indicator - Reversion to the Mean. TTM Reversion to the mean with some added Alerts Soon to go live.


piferdjPips ucsgears
Nice1. Thank you. :)
Hey, this code comes up with errors in tradestation. Can you fix it so it verifies in ts? Thanks.
This code is not for Tradestation. The script language is different
What is the difference between 1 and 2 (i.e. A1 v. A1; B1 v. B2; C1 v. C2)? Many thanks for coding this!
TimKutch TimKutch
nevermind, i see now. just the ema lengths.
Is it just me or do you have some code missing for Wave 6 (Wave C, Wave #2)... It would be right after line 46, why have you left out the same calculations you did on the first 5 on the 6th? Maybe I am missing something, who knows :p
Kantardziski PRO Kantardziski
This is what I am thinking should be there...
signal6 = usewc ? ema(macd6, 377) : na
hist6 = usewc ? macd6 -signal6 : na

ucsgears PRO Kantardziski
Code for the wave c/2 is there. Try loading the indicator directly from a chart.
Oh, sounds good then, thanks!
Having trouble with adding the script to TOS, any thought?
@BKing, It cannot be added directly... Modify the code def and if else statement
BKing ucsgears
@ucsgears, I'm not someone who can modify code, is there a way to get in touch?
@ucsgears, Hi UCSGears, i am trying to get TOS to read this, but it seems some definitions were left out and i guess some input statements and declare lower; etc. i am not a pro script writer at all, so i am not exactly sure where the if else statements should go, i suspect it could go where the question sign is where you have usewa if ema(close, 8) : na or should it be usewa if else ema(close, 8) : na?

also, should i put input in front of the usewa, usewb and usewc? your assistance would be greatly appreciated. i put a sample of what i was trying for it to work in TOS, not sure if i am on the right path.

# Created by UCSGEARS on 8/30/2014
# Updated - 03/22/2014

declare lower;

#study(title="UCS_TTM_Wave A & B & C", shorttitle="WAVE-A/B/C", precision = 2)

input usewa = input(true, title = "Wave A", type=bool)
input usewb = input(true, title = "Wave B", type=bool)
input usewc = input(true, title = "Wave C", type=bool)

# Wave A
fastMA1 = usewa if ema(close, 8) : else
slowMA1 = usewa if ema(close, 34) : else
macd1 = usewa if fastMA1 - slowMA1 : else
signal1 = usewa if ema(macd1, 34) : else
hist1 = usewa if macd1 - signal1 : else
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