Volume Trend Meter LTF

A new take to an already popular indicator of mine, now with lower time frame support for a volume called Volume Trend Meter LTF (VTML).
The VTM LTF indicator measures the volume pressure at a specific part of the candle (Start, Middle, or the end of the candle) and displays it as a histogram.
This indicator sums up all green candle volumes and red candle volumes over the selected part of the candle (Select in settings - start end or middle) and plots their values by subtracting increasing volume and decreasing volume.
Use this indicator to identify increasing volume with the green candles (close bigger than open) and increasing volume of the red candles (close is smaller than open).
Can also work on daily charts and higher.

======= Calculation ==========
For Green Column: The total Volume of green candles is higher than the total red candle volume.
For Red Column: The total Volume of red candles is higher than the total green candle volume.

======= Volume Trend Meter LTF Colors =======
Green: Increasing buying pressure.
Red: Increasing selling pressure.

My original VTM (not the lower time frame version):

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