CM_Laguerre PPO PercentileRank Mkt Tops & Bottoms

Custom Code that Finds Market Tops & Bottoms!!!

CM_Laguerre PPO PercentileRank V2 Mkt Tops & Bottoms

Original Laguerre PPO code was Created by TheLark.
Special Thanks to coondawg71 and ChartArt for Great Insights

This Is Version 2 Of This Indicator that now Finds Market Tops and Bottoms.

Coming Next…Upper Indicator Pinpointing Entries Based on Price Action!!!

See Original Post Below For Detailed Information.
CM_Laguerre PPO PercentileRank - Markets Topping

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//Created by ChrisMoody on 11/03/2014...Original PPO Code Created by TheLark
//Thanks to coondawg71 and ChartArt for Great Insights
//Great for Spotting Tops & Bottoms.
study(title = "CM_Laguerre PPO PercentileRank Mkt Tops & Bottoms", shorttitle="CM_Laguerre PPO PctRank Tops-Bottoms", overlay=false, precision=1)
pctile = input(90, title="Percentile Threshold Extreme Value, Exceeding Creates Colored Histogram")
wrnpctile = input(70, title="Percentile Threshold Warning Value, Exceeding Creates Colored Histogram")
Short = input(0.4, title="PPO Setting")
Long = input(0.8, title="PPO Setting")
lkbT = input(200,title="Look Back Period For 'Tops' Percent Rank is based off of?")
lkbB = input(200,title="Look Back Period For 'Bottoms' Percent Rank is based off of?")
sl=input(true,title="Show Threshold Line?")
swl=input(true,title="Show Warning Threshold Line?")

//Laguerre PPO Code from TheLark
lag(g, p) =>
    L0 = (1 - g)*p+g*nz(L0[1])
    L1 = -g*L0+nz(L0[1])+g*nz(L1[1])
    L2 = -g*L1+nz(L1[1])+g*nz(L2[1])
    L3 = -g*L2+nz(L2[1])+g*nz(L3[1])
    f = (L0 + 2*L1 + 2*L2 + L3)/6
lmas = lag(Short, hl2)
lmal = lag(Long, hl2)

pctileB = pctile * -1
wrnpctileB = wrnpctile * -1

//PPO Plot
ppoT = (lmas-lmal)/lmal*100
ppoB = (lmal - lmas)/lmal*100
//PercentRank of PPO 
pctRankT = percentrank(ppoT, lkbT)
pctRankB = percentrank(ppoB, lkbB) * -1
//Color Definition of Columns
colT = pctRankT >= pctile ? red : pctRankT >= wrnpctile and pctRankT < pctile ? orange : gray
colB = pctRankB <= pctileB ? lime : pctRankB <= wrnpctileB and pctRankB > pctileB ? green : silver
//Plot Statements.
plot(pctRankT,title="Percentile Rank Columns", color=colT, style=columns, linewidth=2)
plot(sl and pctile ? pctile : na, title="Extreme Move Percentile Threshold Line", color=red, style=linebr, linewidth=4)
plot(swl and wrnpctile ? wrnpctile : na, title="Warning Percentile Threshold Line", color=orange, style=line, linewidth=4)

plot(pctRankB,title="Percentile Rank Columns", color=colB, style=columns, linewidth=2)
plot(sl and pctileB ? pctileB : na, title="Extreme Move Percentile Threshold Line", color=lime, style=linebr, linewidth=4)
plot(swl and wrnpctileB ? wrnpctileB : na, title="Warning Percentile Threshold Line", color=green, style=line, linewidth=4)
plot(0, title="0 Line Circles Plot", style=circles, linewidth=4, color=silver)
plot(0, title="0 Line-Line Plot", style=linebr, linewidth=4, color=gray)
Well, thank you for coding all these cool indicators in the first place. I guess I speak for everyone here when I say that you are an invaluable asset to the TradingView community.
+9 Reply
That was all you guys...Alls I did was Invert the Histogram....
+1 Reply
ChartArt ChrisMoody
And that was solely coondawg71's genius simple idea. I only tested it and shared my screenshots. Thanks for creating this new version.
+1 Reply
First to thank you!
+1 Reply
I recommend to combine this script with Chris Moody's other scripts for even greater confirmation, for example:

Williams Vix Fix
CM_Williams_Vix_Fix  Finds Market Bottoms

Parabolic SAR
CM_Parabolic SAR

Triple confirmation of a market bottom:
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2use ChartArt
Is there a difference between parabolic sar and updated heiken trend bars changing colors?
Both look decent, heiken seems to change a bit before...
2use IvanLabrie
If you change to heiken, GANN swings show signals at different dates, so is the trend bars getting colored. I assume ppo has a different result. i seem to note myself using bar color changing on normal bars instead
Using the heiken color bars?
2use IvanLabrie
Try it - heiken and usual bars. GANN swing signals earlier on normal bars. I understand heiken makes some indicators trigger later, but im not yet home to test SAR, and this one for the difference. Generally i recently looking out to see which one of the top/bottom calling triggers at best time and on which bar type.
My Heikin Candles used on the top chart are for that reason. My Heikin candles act 100% just like normal candles in regards to other indicators...they just color the same a s Heikin-Ashi candles would.
+1 Reply
2use ChrisMoody
Thanx for your answer. As you are here, i indeed wanted to ask you this - but thought not to disturb as i dive into a lot of indicators coded by you and want to test first, then ask questions. But, yes - the heikin color indicator - was it meant for the usual bars instead of heikin? Cause it works on both, and as much as a heikin is good for the eye, i see that some indicators trigger late with that bar selected, but i have to admit i find your heikin coloring script quite useful :)

PS - and a general thanx for all the work you're doing.
it's ONLY for regular Candles/bars etc. It won't work correctly on Heikin-Ashi bars.
+1 Reply
2use ChartArt
And special thanx for pointing out sar to me - i missed and it seems to do a good job as well!
LOVE IT !!!!
Chris, thanks for sharing, Is there anywhere I can download. I get 2 errors when try to compile.
guro guro
Ignore this Chris, you can tell I'm a newbie on here
I dont believe in indicators but this one is surely changing my perspective...... good work Sir CM..
Are you going to update the script adding entry points ?
best regards.
Can I get this Indicator on THINKORSWIM platform ?
+1 Reply
First of all thanks a lot for this indicator but I'm kind of confused on how to use it so is there a guide on how to use this some where? Also when I use this I don't get those colored columns going from top to bottom like you have in your picture above to indicate the candle is that something I can turn on if so how? Also is there a best time frame to trade with this or will anyone do? Anyways thanks in advance love your Enhanced Ichimoku Cloud also it has helped me a lot I'm still new to trading so I'm still trying to learn.
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United Kingdom
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