DomFlow Ratio 3.0

DomFlow Ratio indicator is designed to allow you to see which pair you should be in, and when.
with many variables, such as being able to view all pairs or just the current pair vs USD

The way to use this indicator is simple, wait for the pair you are trading to cross OVER the Dollar, and the mid line.
This helps to determine which has the dominance.

This indicator works okay on its own, but it is always advised to use other indicators alongside, as extra confirmation of entries and exits.
Release Notes: *New Features

*Switchable Exchange
*Completely Custom Pair inputs
- Labels automatically change “name” when you change the pair your looking at.

*View ONLY against BTC
*View ONLY against USD

*Switch USD or BTC to view as a standard line, bar chart, or histogram.
*Line colour changing removed to allow Menu Space

*Switch the Hline’s (dashed levels lines) on/off

*View “all pairs” or just view the “current pair” vs BTC and/or USD

* Turn on and off, each individual pair.

*Custom Alerts
-all pairs crossing BTC
-all pairs crossing USD
-pairs crossing (both the above) bullish, below zline (0)
-pairs crossing (both the above) bearish, above zline (0)
-pairs crossing (both the above) the oversold level
-pairs crossing (both the above) the overbought level
Release Notes: --bug fixes --
label issue on current - FIXED

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