Pivot and liquidation lines [LM]

Hello traders,

I would like to introduce you pivot and liquidation zones. Levels are rendered based on pivot points . We are looking for confluence of liquidation lines in order to have the gist where the market could go. calculation for the liquidation lines are taken from Bybit. It's good to look for line clusters. Indicator doesn't tell you where the market will go but it tells you where are the potential zones of position liquidations

There are several settings:

pivot setting - ordinary pivot lines setting
first leverage - setting for first leverage
second leverage - setting for second leverage
third leverage - setting for first leverage
fourth leverage - setting for second leverage

Hope you will enjoy it.
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thats nice,,,
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What's the logic of this script? Does it take data where the actual liquidations are from the exchange or just calculates the levels for different leverage based on price?
lmatl musialtrading
@musialtrading, it's calculated based on price data, to be precise based on pivot points, the idea behind is that in those pivot points you have trapped traders in case the price decide to go against them. By this you can see where the cluster of potencial account liquidations are
Hello, thanks in advance for your contribution.
A query, how can I get leverage from Binance instead of Bybit?