MoT - [Elite] - Silk Oscillator


The Silk Oscillator is an extremely powerful tool to identify whether Price or Volume is driving the Market. The Teal bars on the Histogram is when Price is driving market direction and the Purple bars on the Histogram is when Volume is driving the trend. In combination with other indicators it is extremely unique in giving you an upper hand to determine what is happening behind the price movements!


In this example we have EURUSD as the master chart on the 5 minute time frame.


-In this example we are Utilising the Silk Oscillator in the first pane below the chart.

-Also in this example we are utilising the SIGMASTER Algo indicator that is a reversal algorithm that plots possible entries based on an effective ruleset.

- We also have Whipp Candles with the integration of the Candle colouring for Whipp Candles over the normal candle colours. Whipp Candles give strength to what is happening in relation to multiple indicators like WhippTrend, RVOL/Price and our version of TSI MACD over multiple time frames and then gives the current time frame a rank from -6 to +6. This is where the colouring and strength of colouring comes in. Whipp Candles and the base settings are fully adjustable so you can utilise on all time frames

-We also have our Z-Score which is highly customisable giving good indications when price may be too far away from its realistic price and also to give context to the Silk Oscillator Indicator


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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