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Astro ToolBox V1 - v1.0

The Astro ToolBox is meant to be a complementary script to the Gann ToolBox package. This script aims to offer a data set that was very hard to obtain through TradingView. Mainly Ephemeris Data.
The current first version allows the user to select a date and a planet and gives them the Longitude, and the Latitude of that planet on the date choose.
There are differences when it comes to Heliocentric and Geocentric locations. This script also includes options to select between Heliocentric and Geocentric locations/angles.

This script took a lot of research and fine tuning to get all this data to this great platform. The script does a lot of calculations to obtain this data and come up with it within 1-2 arc seconds of accuracy.

█ Future Plans and upgrades to this script may include :
  • Planetary Retrograde auto plotting. ( hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks )
  • Planetary Aspects and Transits. ( next in line after the retrogrades )
  • Aspects and Transits based on a natal date of your choosing.
and hopefully more, if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me.

█ How to use :
  • Simply select the date that you would like to look up.
  • Then select the planet / cycle.
  • You will have a chance to choose between a Heliocentric or a geocentric ecliptic view.
  • Once you select what you need, you will find your data in the lower right-hand side of the screen.
  • It is always recommended to keep your chart set to "EXCHANGE TIME" rather than "UTC or any other"
and hopefully more, if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me.

█ Things to keep in mind :
1. The moon is only Geocentric.
2. No this data does not rely on an external API coming from a space agency or any observatory but it is all calculated through a series of formulas and calculation which is why it is always good enough but not a %100 accurate. I personally find it extremely useful for Trading if one is familiar with time/gann theory.
Release Notes:
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( May 29, 2021 )
1. Bug fixes
2. Higher precision data
3. Refreshed and Updated UI
4. Planetary mode display in the information box ( Helio vs Geo )
5. Language edits and a tooltip addition
6. Less Code and faster processing

Summery : A few small upgrades were done to make the script run better and faster to potentially accommodate for additional future development in a new elegant UI.
Release Notes:
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( July 10, 2021 )
1. The ability to track Sun/Earth movement is added
2. the ability to change/adjust the colors.
3. Enable/Disable option to round the longitude.
4. Enable/Disable option to show the exact time.

Summery : The longitude can be seen at a very high precision and accuracy, but now you can round that number to be easily seen. and when you're scalping or want some LTF data, you can display the exact time in the box if you want to. Tracking the sun was one of the most requested feature in the Astro Toolbox, now it's finally here. I added some color adjustment setting just so if you want to display your data in a different color that would be possible.
Release Notes:
V1.2 - V1.3
UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( November 14, 2021 )
1. Migration to Pine V5
2. Added a sign finder
3. Added a sign degree finder

Summery : This upgrade is made to address the migration to Pine V5 and to add two highly requested features to this script. Now you can view signs and their degrees on any selected date.
Release Notes:
We detected a bug and we are investigating its issue. A temporary solution would be to downgrade and go back to pine v4 ( july 10th version )
which is functional and working great.
Release Notes:
V1.3 - V1.31
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( Jan 12, 2022 )
1. Bug fix
2. Slight performance upgrade

Summery : We fixed a bug that appeared after migration to Pine v5 and re-introduced all the features that disappeared on the hotfix. the slight performance upgrade was done by adjusting some of the constants in the code.

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