Crypto Scalper Pro

Crypto Scalper Pro Strategy

Crypto Scalper Pro is a scalping strategy developed to work alongside our Crypto Tipster Strategy, now you can trade the D markets with our Tipster, and Intra-Day markets with our Scalper!

This strategy works very well on shorter time frames across multiple crypto pairs, everything from 4H all the way down to a 5m chart, our Crypto Scalper will find the best Entry and Exit points for consistent and reliable returns.

We've added a few variables for you to play with to fine tune this scalper to suit your chosen trading plan - however, these will only adjust the strategy to a certain degree, as there are many algorithms and indicators doing their thing hidden in the background that take precedence.

Check out the Crypto Scalper Pro Alert Indicator to automate this strategy!


What's Included?
Crypto Scalper Pro comes with a host of features and is being continually updated, these features include (but are not limited to):

- Date Range Settings
Setting custom Start/End dates can help hone your strategy to suit the current times, or get a general overview of the market over the years.

- Heikin Ashi Confirmation
We added HA confirmation for both Entry & Exit of trades. This started as a form of "Safe Mode", we have since adapted our safe mode far beyond Heikin Ashi; but kept this confirmation as an added extra.

- Variable Indicator Settings
As well as our Fixed Indicators and Price Action analysis going on in the background of the strategy, we've also included some Variable Indicators that you have access to edit.

Lookback Period will help establish how far back you'd want to be confirming price indications on the strategy - the higher the number the further back it will look, making the Scalping Strategy appear smoother with less trades during choppy times, the downside with a higher lookback is you might miss the start of a potentially epic trade, and only be shown an Entry after the event has already happened.

We find Lookback Lengths of between 5 and 100 could work depending on various other settings, the market being traded, and the timeframe being used.

MA Length (Length of Moving Average) - We use a few MA's to best determine various factors involved with successfully scalping a market, overall trend direction, current price movements and fake-out detection to name just a few. You've got the option of determining a good average length for a few of these variables.

Again, a short MA Length will catch every big move right at the start, but you're almost guaranteed a Negative Expected Value with that method, due to the vast quantity of losing trades in times of chop/ranging markets. A Higher MA Length will remove a lot of chop, reduce the quantity of trades, and therefore (should) result in a higher Percent of Trades Profitable; it will however add a certain lag to the strategy, meaning those highly profitable trades we're looking for may turn out to be not so highly profitable!

- Safe Mode
Enabling Safe Mode will add a couple more confirmation indicators to the strategy - the aim of Safe Mode is, in essence, to remove any trading signals that would end of being false/bad moves. Usually resulting in less Overall Trades, a higher Net Profit, higher % Profitable, higher Profit Factor AND a lower Drawdown. Use Safe Mode to help eliminate orders that would otherwise be placed in choppy markets.

- Stop Loss/Take Profit Settings
This is where Crypto Scalper Pro really proves itself, Money Management. We have an editable Fixed SL/TP, as well as Trailing Stops for Long or Short orders, all of which you can use on their own, or combined with each other. Playing with these settings can turn an un-profitable system into a very-profitable trading plan!


For more information and a FREE 7-Day Trial with the Crypto Scalper Pro Strategy visit the link in our signature.

Good Luck and Happy Trading!
Release Notes: UPDATE -
- Bug fix regarding MTF Alerts
Release Notes: UPDATE -
- Strategy Entry now on Bar Close (instead of next bar open)
Release Notes: UPDATE -
- Improved Entry/Exit code to allow ease of future updates
Release Notes: UPDATE -
- Added new Stop Loss Function!
High/Low Stops find the recent swing high or low over the last bars, and place your Trailing Stop at these levels
You can also tweak this Stop level by adding a percentage tolerance to it. (Place your stop 1% below the recent swing low, for example)
Release Notes: UPDATE -
- Bug fix for new H/L Stop
Release Notes: UPDATE -
- Added Partial Take Profit Levels - You can now add up to 3 TP levels based on a % of your entry price, set at 1 for a single 100% TP, set at 2 for 50% TP over two levels, and 3 for 33% TP over three levels. Simple!

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