The script works differently on different time frame. Works best in 1 min time frame. The script take advantage on ichimoku cloud for trend analysis, RSI for 2nd trend identification and a custom command to identify point of entry for the market bias. This is NOT a counter trend strategy, it is purely to capture the market bias on the chart. User able to customize based on their preferences risk to reward ratio and play along with user's own risk appetite.
Release Notes: Changes made in the risk management area. Risk previously calculated on tick count, however there is slight glitches on the strategy execution gives false closing point. New risk calculated based on profit or loss in chart's currency. crude palm oil is in RM, crude oil in USD and etc.
Release Notes: - Updated version adds Average Volume as confirmation and faster signal detection to the change of trend.
The indicator detects immediate change of trend and immediately opens position for the major trend.
- User can customize the average volume settings to suits their trading style. Also, the risk management can be set to suit the traders suitability. Existing risk to reward ratio based on amount of money instead of ticks count.
The currency is depending on the chart's trading currency. Example in FCPO chart, the currency displays value in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). If crude oil, the currency will display in US Dollar (USD).
- EMA line has been replaced by VWMA to enable more volume detection for change of trends
- Visualisation also improve to see less lines on the charts and can focus more on the price actions.
Release Notes: Update on the trade frequency and risk to reward ratio
Release Notes: Recalculation risk reward setting. Enabling toggle for risk reward so that user can enable risk reward by profit/loss amount or tick count
Release Notes: updated glitch setting causing short signal to be abandoned
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Default risk to reward ratio= 1:1.5

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