Stock Index SP 500 and Nasdaq IPSIMUS Strategy

My best creation so far adapted for stock market .

This strategy is able to go both long and short , depending on the market movement direction.
The strategy has been adapted so far for S&P 500 index , as well as NASDAQ index. With some optimizations you can also trade stocks from inside any index

The components of the strategy are :
1: Moving average index made from more than 200 moving averages like EMA , HMA , SMA , VWMA ,T3, ALMA ,RMA and many others. At the same time with multiple candles combinations using open,high, low,close, hl2 , hl3, ohlc4.
2: Oscillators index made from multiple indicators like RSI , MACD , STOCH and many others.
3: Side market trend detection using ADX and ROC formulas
4: SP500 and Nasdaq option for market cap volume candles used for logic
5: Price action patterns for trend/side detection
6: Risk management using take profit and stop loss for short entries. On long entries is more efficient to exit based on changing trend detection.

So far from data gathered from testing I can affirm the next :
Beats general buy and hold since 2014 for SPX by 85% and since 2011 beats Nasdaq by 15%. However because we have an amazing drawdawn, in this case below 10-15% we can go easily for 2-3x leverage and in that case we will beat the normal buy and hold by 5-10x minimum.

For settings you can use the default one or change a little inside risk management for more suitable options.
S&P 500 index I recommend default
Nasdaq index I recommend X=0.1, Y=0.7, sl long = 5 , dynamic tp short = 3, dynamic sl = 2, static tp short =0.04 and static sl for short =0.02

Access for this strategy is only available for payment. For more details private message me !

If you have any questions, let me know !

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