Hull MA with BB (With Alerts)

This is a combination of the standard Bollinger bands with a VWAP (Pink line), and the 'Hull Trend with Kahlman' script by user capissimo, and the NMA (Moving Average 3.0 (3rd Generation)) script by everget.
You can find the original scripts here:

This indicator gives you several confirmations of a good entry and exit positions for Crypto currency like bitcoin and most alt coins. I use this on a 15min, 30min, 1hour, and 4hour chart for best results.

How to use:

Entry Signals:
-A candle closes above the NMA (Yellow Step Line). AND
-You see a Long (text) flag. AND
-The candles are near the bottom of the Bollinger bands and heading upwards.

Exit Signals:
-Candles have passed below and closed below the NMA (Yellow Step Line). AND
-You see a Short (text) flag.

It's important to use these confirmations with other indicators so you have the best entry/exit positions, and make sure you are on normal candles and not HA or any other types.

There are alerts built in that you can setup for the Short and Long text flags that you see. These are generally good alerts to follow. I use the alerts as a reminder to check the charts and see if my other indicators line up for a good trade.
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what happen if i change the offset value -1 to 0
@countseven12 Hello sir , i m using your statergy ,but i m confused ,
Hey, may I know why the alerts are only triggered after 2 candles? By right should be delayed by 1 andle since alert is on "per bar closed". Say I'm on a 5 min chart.

8:00 - printed upon candle close.
8:05 - no alert triggered (by right, it should)
8:10 - alert triggered

Please help.
Awesome Script I use it a lot, thank you it works a charm!
countseven12 terblanchedeon
@terblanchedeon, Glad you are getting some use on it!
does this script use repaint ?
@a2316155, Yes, lines 100 and 101 use an 'offset' value at -1 which means the visuals you see for Short and Long will be printed at 1 bar previous to when it was called.

(The actual Alerts for Short and Long don't repaint, just make sure to call the alert after the bar has closed.)
bobo79 countseven12
@countseven12, thanks for this indicator, is there a reason why you use value offset -1?
@bobo79, I was just used to having it setup that way from using the 'Hull Trend with Kahlman' script.
Looks good, will give this strategy a try. I assume the same principles apply for shorts? What is your success rate with this?