[RS]Temporal Fractal Flow Study V0

EXPERIMENTAL: A Study into Fractal price flow formation.
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study("[RS]Temporal Fractal Flow Study V0", overlay=true)
T00M = security(tickerid, 'M', open)
T00W = security(tickerid, 'W', open)
T00D = security(tickerid, 'D', open)
T720 = security(tickerid, '720', open)
T480 = security(tickerid, '480', open)
T240 = security(tickerid, '240', open)
T120 = security(tickerid, '120', open)
T060 = security(tickerid, '60', open)
T030 = security(tickerid, '30', open)
T015 = security(tickerid, '15', open)
T005 = security(tickerid, '5', open)

plot(T00M, color=black)
plot(T00W, color=black)
plot(T00D, color=black)
plot(T720, color=black)
plot(T480, color=black)
plot(T240, color=black)
plot(T120, color=black)
plot(T060, color=black)
plot(T030, color=black)
plot(T015, color=black)
plot(T005, color=black)
This script was updated: [RS]Temporal Fractal Flow Study V1
2 years ago
Many thanks for this. Any chance you could expand on this?
RicardoSantos PRO df4n
2 years ago
what do you have in mind?
df4n RicardoSantos
2 years ago
I'm fairly new to FX trading so I do apologies in advance if this is a silly question but what does this graph tell us apart from illustrating the price flow?
RicardoSantos PRO df4n
2 years ago
no worry's im a newbie myself :D, one can defer alot of thing from this study, price flow(momentum,direction) psychological support and resistance..
2 years ago
great analyzing . What indicator is this? Any name?
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