Liquidation Levels V2 (Ultimate Edition)!

(version 2.0) - Covers ALL pairs from Binance futures (USDT)!

The Liquidations Level Indicator is a new, fresh and innovative indicator that adds a new perspective into the charts.

The indicator plots (in real time !), the liquidation points/levels that are "created" for every new position that is currently opened in futures trading of a cryptocurrency.
The calculation and the plots work for both directions (either longs or shorts).

How it is done: We calculate all new large positions opened by other traders, by taking into account the Open Interest from major exchanges.
For each new large position that is opened, the indicator plots in the chart the liquidation levels for the specific position per leverage level (100x, 50x or 25x).

This is exactly what the Market Maker knows!

In crypto, the Market Maker, tends to push the price to these levels, making these levels targets.

You could combined it with any other Technical Analysis indicator you used to trade.

Add it to your favorites indicators and enjoy the price action. You will soon realize that our indicator can be a game-changer indicator !

Soon, we will add some here in TradingView, some ideas and strategies that we have already used with this indicator with success.

Here, a new game starts for you..and the Market Maker. Don't trade against him, trade with him (!)

1) Second version supports allt the USDT crypto that are tradable on Binance futures (at least).

Right now you can use any of them (e.g. BTC , ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOT, DOGE, MATIC, LTC, ATOM, , etc. )

paired with one of the above stablecoins:


2) You can adjust the lower limit to take into account for new positions (total amount is in millions USD/USDT/ USDC ), so you can filter the positions and display only the large ones.
This adjustment is up to you and it is different for each coin, as they have huge differences in Total Market Cap and the Total amount trading per day.
BTC is almost always first, and then ETH, Luna, etc. From our experience a amount of 5m in USD fits for BTC , 2m USD for ETH, and you can of course switch it.

3) Don't use the indicator with any other pair, except the above ( /USD, /USDT, /BUSD or / USDC ). The Open Interest is calculated per USD, so if you project this over a crazy pair (e.g. BTC /LTC) it will not project anything.

4) Initial version supports reading the Open Interest from Binance. Upcoming versions will expand this, as an option.

This was our first effort to build something for the crypto community, that can be useful and of course free.
We hope we like it. If you like the indicator, just spread it.

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