Pro Algo Scalping/DT/ST No Repaint/No Lagging by@ProKingTV

This is a bar-by-bar trading signal system for scalping, day trading or swing trading on all time frames. It generates ONE signal(buy/sell or long/short) for the most of important bars and candles with no repaint and no lagging.

How does it work?
* Defines all support/resistance (S/R) levels based on floor trader’s pivot points and my own S/R levels.
* Calculates the trend/reversal signals, price reactions close to all above S/R levels.
* Generates one trading signal: buy/long or sell/short based on all combined factors.

What are the signals?
* Blue Arrow signals are bullish
* Pink Arrow signals are bearish

How to use?
* Blue Up Arrow : Buy(Long) or continuous Buy(Long)
* Pink Down Arrow : Sell(Short) or continuous Sell(Short)
* Increase time frame to reduce signal noises, but will generate less trading opportunities.
* There is no way to filter all noises even with higher time frame, all the trades must have a stop.
* This indicator is highly sensitive to a price change and reversal signals will be generated immediately.

How to access?
* PM me to obtain access
* 10 day Free Trial is available

Invite-only script

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Warning: please read before requesting access.


Venmo: @pwang007

Two trend following and two reversal indicators total: $99/month, Now $998/year.


hello can i test trial indicator ? thanks
hello, can i get access(trial)?
Reply name is kiyusan. can i get trial?
ProKingTV kiyusan
@kiyusan, sure.
i want trial of this indicator
@KJITENDRA, your access is granted for 10 days trial
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I want trial this indicator please
ProKingTV biswajit10
@biswajit10, your access is granted for 10 days trial