Trading Strategy Check - Multi Indicator Script

With this script it is possible to combine different indicators to form a strategy.


The following indicators are available in this script:
- Chaikin Moneyflow
- 2 EMA's
- William Alligator indicator
- Hidden Divergence
- Wave Trend
- Cipher B Indicator by VuManChu
- Stochastic / RSI
- Ichimoku Cloud
- Chopy Market Indicator by TradingRush
- ADX Indicator
- Bollinger Bands

You can combine maximum seven of the mentioned indicators.

It is possible to insert an individual alarm text into the script to enable a connection to, for example, 3 Commas.

Then an alarm must be created in tradingview and the following command must be inserted under "Message": {{strategy.order.alert_message}}

This will direct the commands inserted in the script to the respective bot through the alert.

A table in the upper right corner of the screen shows important details of the script.
For example, the selected Risk Reward, the initial capital and the current capital.

In addition, the selected risk is displayed. 0.02 corresponds to 2% here.
Under "Last Long Position" the last bought position is shown and where the Stop Loss and the Take Profit is.
In order to reach the 2% risk, the leverage is also displayed under "Used Leverage", which would have had to be used for this.

Currently there is only the possibility to sell the position using the ATR. In the near future I will add more possibilities.

I will update the script regularly and add new indicators.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, please let me know.
If you are interested in the scripts, I have already created a tutorial for some of them.
Release Notes: i have extended the Cipher B + indicator

Invite-only script

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Author's instructions

This script contains 14 indicators with the possibility to combine 7 of them. To get access, a trial period was granted or access was unlocked via Patreon.

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