Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1

Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1
Designed for Binary Options 60 sec trading upwards
Notes on chart
Please note the signal generated are configure to be super fast on candle opening. The down side to this is signals may switch direction mid stream.
ITM             candlesticks signals generated went 6/300 Losses on a 1 min chart.
the blue line indicates reversal zones. Buy / sell targets are at the next projected line TF settings to suit

Sniper series
Vdub Renko Sniper VX1 v1

Vdub FX SniperVX2 Color v2

Vdub FX SniperVX  v1

Vdub Binary Options SniperVX  v1

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//Vdub Binary Options SnipperVX v1 / Vdub Rejection Spike v3 intergration -
//Signal generator for Binary Options / ©Vdubus http://www.vdubus.co.uk/
study("Vdub Binary Options SniperVX  v1", overlay=true, shorttitle="Vdub_SniperBX_v1")
len = input(8, minval=1)
src = input(close, title="Source")
out = sma(src, len)
last8h = highest(close, 13)
lastl8 = lowest(close, 13)
bearish = cross(close,out) == 1 and close[1] > close
bullish = cross(close,out) == 1 and close[1] < close
channel2=input(false, title="Bar Channel On/Off")
ul2=plot(channel2?last8h:last8h==nz(last8h[1])?last8h:na, color=black, linewidth=1, style=linebr, title="Candle body resistance level top", offset=0)
ll2=plot(channel2?lastl8:lastl8==nz(lastl8[1])?lastl8:na, color=black, linewidth=1, style=linebr, title="Candle body resistance level bottom", offset=0)
//--------------------Trend colour ema------------------------------------------------//    ema trend direction trigger For Singals 1 & 2
src0 = close, len0 = input(13, minval=1, title="Trend Change EMA")
ema0 = ema(src0, len0)
plot_color = ema0 >= ema0[2]  ? lime: ema0 < ema0[2] ? red : na
plot(ema0, title="EMA", style=line, linewidth=1, color = plot_color)
//--Modified vyacheslav.shindin-------------------------------------------------//           Signal 1
//Configured ema signal output
slow = 8
fast = 5
vh1 = ema(highest(avg(low, close), fast), 5)
vl1 = ema(lowest(avg(high, close), slow), 8)
e_ema1 = ema(close, 1)
e_ema2 = ema(e_ema1, 1)
e_ema3 = ema(e_ema2, 1)
tema = 1 * (e_ema1 - e_ema2) + e_ema3
e_e1 = ema(close, 8)
e_e2 = ema(e_e1, 5)
dema = 2 * e_e1 - e_e2
signal = tema > dema ? max(vh1, vl1) : min(vh1, vl1)
is_call = tema > dema and signal > low and (signal-signal[1] > signal[1]-signal[2])
is_put = tema < dema and signal < high and (signal[1]-signal > signal[2]-signal[1])
plotshape(is_call ? 1 : na, title="BUY ARROW", color=green, text="*BUY*", style=shape.arrowup, location=location.belowbar)
plotshape(is_put ? -1 : na, title="SELL ARROW", color=red, text="*SELL*", style=shape.arrowdown)
//Modified - Rajandran R Supertrend----------------------------------------------------- //       Signal 2
Factor=input(1, minval=1,maxval = 000, title="Trend Transition Signal")
Pd=input(1, minval=1,maxval = 100)
TrendUp=close[1]>TrendUp[1]? max(Up,TrendUp[1]) : Up
TrendDown=close[1]<TrendDown[1]? min(Dn,TrendDown[1]) : Dn
Trend = close > TrendDown[1] ? 1: close< TrendUp[1]? -1: nz(Trend[1],0)
plotarrow(Trend == 1 and Trend[1] == -1 ? Trend : na, title="Up Entry Arrow", colorup=lime, maxheight=1000, minheight=50, transp=85)
plotarrow(Trend == -1 and Trend[1] == 1 ? Trend : na, title="Down Entry Arrow", colordown=red, maxheight=1000, minheight=50, transp=85)
// Moddified [RS]Support and Resistance V0
RST = input(title='Support / Resistance length:', type=integer, defval=21)
RSTT = valuewhen(high >= highest(high, RST), high, 0)
RSTB = valuewhen(low <= lowest(low, RST), low, 0)
RT2 = plot(RSTT, color=RSTT != RSTT[1] ? na : red, linewidth=1, offset=0)
RB2 = plot(RSTB, color=RSTB != RSTB[1] ? na : green, linewidth=1, offset=0)
//===============================Directional Projection=======================================//
tf2 = input('1', title="Trend Projection TF / Mins/D/W")
M2 = input('ATR')
P2 = input(13.00, type=float)
W2 = input(1)
pf2 = pointfigure(tickerid, 'close', M2, P2, W2)
spfc2 = security(pf2, tf2, close)
channel3=input(false, title="Connect Projection High/Low")
p22=plot(channel3?spfc2:spfc2==nz(spfc2[1])?spfc2:na, color=blue, linewidth=2, style=linebr, title="Directional Projection", offset=0)
this to be used on min chart only
+36 Reply
MarxBabu PRO HumayunBajwa
@HumayunBajwa, Add this for more profitability
code available here

+34 Reply
How long should this be trades for? 1 min or 2 min?
+59 Reply
Not working more lost trades than wins.70% lost 30 % win.
+27 Reply
vdubus PRO oliver.pfaff.581
with out prior knowledge of price action you'll fin it hard to trade using this indicator. Try FX sniper the signals are trend directional filtered.
+13 Reply
LeeAng vdubus
Hi vdubus, What do you mean by this statement. ITM candlesticks signals generated went 6/300 Losses on a 1 min0.54% chart? Is this only 6 losses or 300 losses?
+28 Reply
kking37 LeeAng
Based on what was said around it im thinking it was 300 losses but im not sure
+2 Reply
LeeAng kking37
Thats how I have it but thats not really worth much then but if its only 6 wins then one should test the reverse then? Maybe more consistant that way.
kking37 LeeAng
actually now that im watching it minute by minute I dont think that its 300 losses
-Andrew- PRO oliver.pfaff.581
Hello Oliver, do the reverse? That will get you 70% ITM
+4 Reply
bonglish -Andrew-
Hello Ezyprintinfo, how long do you have to wait to take a trade after the signals has shown or do I have to wait like 10 - 5sec before the candle expires?
+7 Reply
LeeAng -Andrew-
Haha, so which it worked out that way. I got the feeling it will, but never does.
dose this still work
i m trying to copy from here and paste in print editor but its not working m i also copy in mt4 but still not working
+1 Reply
vdubus PRO KashifKaan
It's not for MT4
+3 Reply
Nsteedmr vdubus
Do you know where I can find Anything like this for mt4?
+1 Reply
p1yogesh Nsteedmr
go to http://thebinarylogic.com/indicator
vdubus PRO p1yogesh
Just watch his video on the strategy. Please DON't Martingale it will wipe you clean out. Feel free to use my money management http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck.com/threads/15516-Money-Management-10-5k-in-10-Trades-One-Trading-session
+11 Reply
Thank you for this system. Could you briefly mention the conditions to enter the trades please ? Most of the times the arrow do not appear at the beginning of the candle. The trades taken for the expiry of next candle are not reliable. I found the same issue with your other systems like tFX sniper. How did you get 6/300 ? It is incredible.
+2 Reply
I wouldn't trade the signals unless you trend following. A majority of my indicators are based around a Rejection spike strategy
Rejection Spike Strategy - By Russ Horn

latest indicator
VDUB_REJECTION_SPIKE_V4  UPDATED / Re vamped & de cluttered

But I personaly like to use Kitkat
Momentum VMA KITKAT CROSS v2.1

+4 Reply
for kitkat, is it as simple as when price hits the red marking line, we place a put trade and when price hits the green marker line, we place a call trade?
how do i use this?
Is it for MT4? Thank you for your response.
Ede caksalman
Oh no. This is Tradingview, not MT4
+1 Reply
do you think this strategy can work on ranging markets with lower volatility? Also using a 60 EMA to identify trends, this ok or any other recommendations? any help is greatly appreciated.
I used it on Forex binary trades and I get about 55% success which is a loss. To win with 70% return on win I need at least 60% success.
The reverse-Martingale method you use is not possible with my broker, since he's providing only Martingale fixed Amounts.
Maybe I'm not using it the way you intended. It would be great if you could provide a short guide.
+5 Reply
Thanks for this indicator. Works very well! Obviously you CAN'T trade every arrow. Need to watch price action and always go with the trend. Also keeping an eye on DXY helps when trading USD pairs. Good luck all!
+4 Reply
Can you set this up to alert you when a beam lights up? If so how?
+7 Reply
i have been using this strategy for two days and have achieved 80% ITM. I just wanted to know whether its best to use this script in a volatile or a non volatile market
torontotakeout tanmaybartarya
Non volatile i get the bes results
+2 Reply
tanmaybartarya torontotakeout
usually what time slot in gmt am i looking for???
ksycapital tanmaybartarya
I trade this 11pm till around 4am if i use this and it works a dream!
kking3792 ksycapital
what time zone?
plucker PRO ksycapital
What country are you in?
@plucker, GMT is a timezone bruhh
anybody knows for what currency pairs are best for this strategy? 11p.m.GMT to 4 a.m. GMT right? tnks
Hi, I am new at tradingview. Which code is the best for 1 Minute binary options? Should I paste the Sniper VX1 to the pine editor or the kitkat cross v 2.1 or the FX Sniper v 2?
+1 Reply
I got this "Script could not be translated from: null" when I pasted the script in the pine editor by following your tutorial..please help me fix this problem..I need the script very much to use for mu trading..thank you..and i would be very glad if you can help.
vdubus PRO tims3057
If you are refuring to the youtube video that it not mine nor do I condone his methodology in using this indicator. To apply the script to your chart simply press the star at the top of the script and you will be able to find it in your Favourites under the indicator tab on the charts
+5 Reply
soleri vdubus
Do you have script for meta trader for 1 and 5 min strategies?
soleri vdubus
Do you have script for meta trader for 1 and 5 min strategies?
radix360 vdubus
Hi vdubus, do you have a particular methodology when using this indicator? Also has anyone found any specific currency pairs which give better results with this, or any tips on signs to look for on the chart which scream to definetely take or pass on the trade signal?
vdubus PRO radix360
I only trade Bollinger bands along with basic stricture Trend lines SR levels etc
+2 Reply

Hello! how can you download ? in Russian
+1 Reply
@vdubus, Hi, do you have that %B indicator to download? Thanks!
On which pair you guys are using this script ?
I've tried on eur/usd. Tested it for the past couple of hours (taking in account only the big green/red arrows) and the result is 54% which is pretty much a loss.
Any suggestions for improvement? As i recall someone said that he managed to get 80% ITM. Was wondering how he did that.
Hey there,

thanks for the wonderful number of scripts! So i want to use this strategy along with the rejection spike, what time frame should i be looking at though?

Thanks a lot!
so far i did 50 trades in 3 days and i had 15 loss and 34 win and 1 tie... 70%ITM... its very good and am not new to trading as such but so am happy to see i made more wins than loss... do you have any sort for strategy to get more ITM? to combine indicators or moving average to it? so far when they get too close to a support or resistance i wait for a signal to the likely direction the market will move to and i avoid trading in when market is flaging... any pro tips? thanks tho
vdubus PRO dariusrevera
use this one the signal generated are trend directional
Vdub FX SniperVX2 Color v2
+1 Reply
Mac0901 vdubus
Hi vdubus,
I was looking for soemthing like this but I can not really apply this code to mt4...
Is it possible to send me file ready for mt4?
Would be great try this one and VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3_V2 FINAL + Strategy
I will be very greatefull !!!!
+1 Reply
Mac0901 Mac0901
I forgot to write email address.... :)
PaulDeauna dariusrevera
This is a great indicator, can you please advise whether you have any indicators for 1 hour trades?
can you tell me how can i use this script with mt4/5?

I want to make a script. I am beginner on trading functions
I worked on EXCEL functions.

I want to create a script based on candlestick color. For examle 1=green, 0=red.
I want my script to recognize, for example when the pattern 01101101010 was formed.

It is possible to do this on tradingview charts?
I am not sure how this is supposed to work? I tried with both 1 and 15 minutes charts and the results are wrong most of the times. Does it need to be updated? I would do the opposite of what this script advises to actually make some cash :D
+1 Reply
Hello sir. First to mention im a begginer on bo and im new on all these scripts etc. Can u please explain on a begginer way how to work with this? i mean i dont understand i tried this script on upwards trend and still 6/10 are loses. it is supposed to trade how with thes script? in any way of trends you work it it seems like you have to reverse your signals to get some wins. Thanks in advance
this works on 15 min charts really good, maybe there is setting for it to be improved
Can someone post this script for MT4 ? It has too many errors when I compile it like it is. Thanks
I do as much lost IQ option?
I hope I don't get banned for this question after the long trail, but I never found mention the entry strategy timing. Is it during the 1st 30 sec, the last 30 sec, or the last 5 sec on the "Buy" Trigger calendar.
Neuronite Neuronite
I meant Candlestick.. sorry typo
been losing trades. the buy and sell features change too quickly and midway at most times. which is the best 60 second binary options trade script?
Kabzzz ebenezerloy
Wait till the last 10 seconds on the current candlestick. If the signal is still there then place the trade
OJFX_ Kabzzz
Thanks for this. I was not doing this before.
kothet7 Kabzzz
I don't see any countdown. Can you please help me how to enable that feature? Thanks!
kothet7 kothet7
NVM. I found it. Thanks!
sober1 kothet7
@kothet7, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXO1symZ4Pc
I was testing this on 15 min chart doing 15 min trades and have found it to be fairly successful (so far). I have of course been taking into account new announcements so I stopped for an hour while UK CPI was released. On the minute chart I found it was too unreliable with (as stated) that the signal can change mid candle. This has happened once or twice out of 20 on the 15 min chart. So far I have placed 22 trades with 2 losses.

I will continue to test and post results here.
+1 Reply
cobrax OJFX_
how is working on 15min?
@OJFX_, results?
+1 Reply
I don't see the one minute timer on the right side after adding our script. is there somthing i a missing please help thanks
Nice indicator Vdub keep it up brother.... Please try and modify cause there is a lot of otm when trading live... Please check out mr mani script I believe it will help u, thanks
Hi guys... Has anyone tried Mr mani pine script... I believe it will help us... Thanks
Let me know, my email is jeffumu@yahoo.co.uk
+4 Reply
Hi, I think is interesting if we co-relate this indicator in 1min 5min 15min chart at the same time. Do you have a MT4 version?
ElderFx smartlive
@smartlive, This is tradeview there is no MT4 .. Mt4 uses MQL4 to make these indicators whilst tradeveiw uses Pinescript which is completely different .. if you want to import these indicators to MT4 you should first study MQL4..
smartlive ElderFx
@ElderFx, thanks
Can someone re post the script into the comments so I can copy it please as it won't let me copy from there
SamGoy Jayburdenm3
@Jayburdenm3, just go in indicators and the strategy is there, type vdub and all his code will be there.

Как его установить?
why i cannot add this script to my chart
Hi Ehaerim,
I am surya. I am a new trader following your sniperVX v1. I would like to know if it is possible to create expert advisor using same script in meta trader?
vdubus PRO battasurya
@battasurya, No sorry but you should be able to fine something similar or mix and match a few indicators up to generate the same effect
With my Binary option and Forex strategies, giving to me by Mrs Adelina Morgan, I have made profit in the past 7 months and now I make £10,000 every week with her strategies. After changing a lot of strategies, I have decided to share this one since it's a success. It is the least I can do for beginners or people who have lost much to binary options and are looking for the right strategy and how retrieve their funds from their brokers, which I am willing to help, you can contact her via (adelinamorgan3310@gmaildotcom) for help
+5 Reply
Hi, can you please explain how i can set up this script for 15 minutes trade? i am new here and new in trading as well. Tried this for 60s trade on IQ option,and had 60% win rate which is not that good.I saw here some people who claimed they won more on 5-15m trades with this strategy.
Thank you!
+1 Reply
Any advises since this indic has been released? Thanks
I have used this method for a week now on test mode. It yielded 44% wins throughout 200 trades (100 trades on 1min and 100 on 5min) for EURUSD. Good I tested it first, otherwise it would have emptied my account. It is really annoying to see the indicators disappear after one has committed to the transaction. Very disappointed !!
vdubus PRO tomasofsussex
@tomasofsussex, indicator are only meant to compliment your own analysis not rule them. Your 2 weeks would have better been spent learning how to trade before applying & trading any indicator. and I only experienced traders should ever attempt to trade 60 sec. 90% of traders fail at this game if it was that easy we'd all be millionaires. Even with a 44% win rate with the right money management you should still have come out on top.
263 won 1 lost. I have only the candles have traded the black line have broken. The blue line tells you when the trend changes direction. If you are good you can trade almost every candle in the chart. I changed it to 5 minutes. There you have more time. Ever tried to trade classic options? Works perfectly!
+2 Reply
up and down and up and down ;)
tnx bro for acses
+1 Reply
These are the errors I get when I want to apply it to the chart:

line 49: Undeclared identifier `TrendUp`;
line 50: Undeclared identifier `TrendDown`;
line 51: Undeclared identifier `TrendDown`;
line 51: Undeclared identifier `TrendUp`;
line 51: Undeclared identifier `Trend`;
line 53: Undeclared identifier `Trend`;
line 54: Undeclared identifier `Trend`
+1 Reply
it does not work .
How do you install this indicator in my computer or how do I put it in practice
can this script be used for crypto currencies?
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