Heikin/Kaufman Strategy

This strategy combine Heikin Aishi candle with a modificated Kaufman MA. Using heikin candle and 1 hr timeframe for best performance. Use some trend/ volatility indicator can help to avoid to enter in the market when high volatility
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Repaints like a bugger. Can you fix it, please?
What's the added value of a repainting tool?
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Hi, thanks for this indicator. Can anyone confirm if this indicator does indeed repaint. I set test to 1 and am watching it on different timeframes, how can I be sure it's repainting or not? Do I really need to set test to 1?
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whitedevil ragamufin
@ragamufin, It’s repainting hell sky level
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@MarcoValente Can you fix this please to prevent repainting. This is very close to being a superb strategy, but the repainting means the backtest is inaccurate. Can you fix this please, so there is no repainting in any time period?
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Does anyone know how to reversion this following line in the @verison 4 ?

nAMA = nz(nAMA) + nsmooth * (xPrice - nz(nAMA))

Where is the initialization for nAMA ?
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Chundelac hadi_saadat
@hadi_saadat, you can first migrate to version 3 using the "Pine version 3 migration guide":
You'll want to check the chapters "Self-referenced variables are removed" and "Resolving a problem with a mutable variable in a security expression".

Afterwards you can automatically migrate version 3 to version 4:
this is repeat ?
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MarcoValente gucluoguz4
@gucluoguz4, Repaint?? It is use 2 time frame ( 1 hr and a daily) so it maybe repaint , but if you set "test" = 1 the program will use the last bar (with no repaint). try to swich between 1 and 0
gucluoguz4 MarcoValente
@MarcoValente, thanks
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Neufert gucluoguz4
@gucluoguz4, of course repaints.