[RS]ZigZag Percent Reversal - Forecast - patterns - labels

Zig Zag indicator plots points on the chart whenever prices reverse
by a percentage greater than a pre-chosen variable.
• Forecasts area based on zigzag statistics.
• Displays labels with detected patterns.
• Displays slope information rate of price, time diferentials and angle(experimental)
Release Notes: Added optional input method for zigzag be based on ATR percentage of price with additional optional multiplier.
Release Notes: added more options: pattern selections, optional components..
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GREAT JOB... 1 small Question: what is the meaning of blue arrows <----> on the right side in the projection area? I did not understand the purpose and meaning of it? thanls...
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Tested in 5 and 30 min.
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@poentje, what are the results?
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thank you sir do you have any reference video how to use this indicator.
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J4james Anil_kumar123
@Anil_kumar123, did u get,how to use this?
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You share the most incredible codes Ricardo, you are amazing and everyone on TV loves you!
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@RicardoSantos was asking which pairs and commodities does your script work well with and the time frames...and how do you adjust based on the volatility of currencies pairs
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Does anybody know if theres a script with only the zigzag line?
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@Jose5770, do you know any script without zigzag lines
Staceylux Jose5770
@Jose5770, I am looking for the same thing