Balance Builder

Balance Builder is the culmination of everything I've learned over the last few years and will be my exclusive FOREX and crypto trading indicator going forward. I will be developing and updating it on a regular basis.

The unique signals it generates do not repaint, nor do they lag. What you are seeing is real-time and will not change once the current candle closes.

This technology analyses trend strength, momentum and the outcome of previous candles to determine the best time to accurately go long or short.

Use the labels to influence your own manual trading decisions or enable the built in alerts to hook in to your trading bot of choice and automatically trade around the clock.

The system can be applied to any instrument but the defaults are tuned for trading Bitcoin on the 4 hour chart. Higher time frames such as this are recommended to increase the win-rate but the parameters can easily be tweaked to cater for shorter term trading.

Important: I personally use Heikin Ashi candles with this script to further filter entries. An option is available within the script settings to toggle this on/off should you wish to do the same.

This is a premium script. Please DM me for access.
Release Notes: Algorithm improvements for accuracy
Release Notes: Tweaks to reduce noise in some areas of the chart
Release Notes: New default values
Release Notes: Major rebuild with new filtering levels and the ability to toggle move strength scores on/off
Release Notes: Reinstating the ability toggle between regular and Heikin-Ashi candles
Release Notes: Added independent alerts for the status panel.
Release Notes: Changed default source to Close
Release Notes: Added the ability to move the helper panel
Release Notes: - Added the ability to visualise all key EMAs
- Additional alerts built in for EMA crosses. Good for re-entry
Release Notes: Additional labelling for new alerts
Release Notes: Reskinned to display better on both light and dark themed charts
Release Notes: New defaults for the 4 hour chart
Release Notes: Removing key EMA crosses to free up data points for other features. These are now available in a separate indicator.
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