TD r7ou

work in progress. this will be the tom demark sequential including countdown, as per the guru tone vays full credit verbally to tone vays but this is my interpretation DYOR!
Release Notes: Only show triangles on 9
Release Notes: Setup numbers all on top.

9 buy below and green, 9 sell above and red.

Next updates:

1. Perfect/imperfect 9.
2. Short/Long triggers following 9s.
Release Notes: Added perfect/imperfect 9. A perfect 9 will now show "9P".
Release Notes: Added go long and go short triggers, confirming the reversal.

A go long indicator appears as a green L beneath the candle.
A go short indicator appears as a red S beneath the candle.

Go long: the second candle after a long setup 9 trades above the high of the previous candle.
Go short: the second candle after a short setup 9 trades below the low of the previous candle.
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