Tradespot Quant

Tradespot - Quant is an extensive trading algorithm, signal generator and technicals screener packed into one beautifully designed, functional indicator. The script is very customisable to not limit the trader using it but does have some very respectable settings for BTCUSD & ETHUSD on the 4H and 45M charts that we run in an automated fashion here a tradespot round the clock on Binance Futures .

What does Tradespot Quant do?
  • Trade following signals generated via our bespoke algorithm
  • Full customisation to allow a deeper use of the indicator across different assets
  • Beautifully illustrated 'Take Profit' and 'Stop Loss' levels that are configurable to easily see how successful the model can run
  • Presets for BTCUSD & ETHUSD on the 4H/45M timeframes avaliable instantly for your use.
  • Innovative trade panel that illustrates key information such as what trade the algorithm is looking for next? is altcoin trading deemed safe or risky right now? How are the technicals looking regarding the overal market trend?
  • More features being added all the time, we have great ideas and our only limitation is how fast we can program it!

Do you do a free trial?
Yes! Get in touch for a complimentary 48 hour free trial to the indicator, no strings attached.

Who are you?
Tradespot has been creating scripts for years on TradingView that we use to leverage our social trading and signal group offerings. We currently have over $200K in assets trading with our strategies across over 300 users.

You can learn more about us on our website. Please reach out to me or see the link on our profile.
Release Notes: Release
Release Notes: Minor Release: Fixed bug with trade panel.
Release Notes: V6.1

- Support for Heikin Candles for TP and SL and accurate entry lines.
- Made it easier to create a trend MA based on different timeframes.
Release Notes: V7.0 Released

  • Added dynamic S&R generated lines
  • Added logic to the trading algorithm to close trades based on S&R being hit
  • Added alert for S&R based events
Release Notes: Minor Bug Fix
Release Notes: Version 7.1

Trimmed the trade panel and moved the TA specific features to a accompanying indicator. The panel will now just show relevant trade data.
Release Notes: Bug Fix
Release Notes: Bug Fixes
Release Notes: Release 7.2

Fixed Alert
Release Notes: Minor Fix
Release Notes: 7.3 Released

- Optimisations, faster and more responsive
- Simplified settings
Release Notes: Updated to V8.0

Breaking changes. Default settings are now geared for 4H BTCUSD and now has a accompanying backtest script.
Release Notes: Small fix
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