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Hello traders


1. For the trial request access, they have to be done through my website.
2. My website URL is in this script signature at the very bottom (you'll have to scroll down a bit and going past the long description) and in my profile status available here: Daveatt
Due to the new scripts publishing house rules, I won't mention the URL here directly. As I value my partnership with TradingView very much, I prefer showing you the way for finding them :)
3. Many video tutorials explaining clearly how all our indicators work are available on your website > guides section.
4. You may also contact me directly for more information

II. πŸ”Ž Algorithm Builder INDEX πŸ”Ž

2.1 INDEX trading

Let's start with a quick definition.
Index Trading is a type of trading of a group of stocks that make up the index. An Index is a measurement of the value of a section of the stock market. It is computed from the prices of selected stocks. It may also be referred to as a group of stock market publicly-listed uppermost businesses within a region. There are numerous Stock Market Indices within the world such as Dow Jones/SPX500 (USA), DAX (Germany), S&P/ASX 200 (Australia), FTSE100 (London), CAC 40 (France), AEX index (Amsterdam), IBEX 35 and more.

2.2 πŸ”— Which brokers are compatible? πŸ”—

⚠️⚠️Please note we mostly tested those signals with FXCM broker.
You may use a different broker but you have to make sure your broker has a similar price quote with at most 2/3 pips difference with FXCM.
We chose a broker where the spreads are among the lowest across the board.
Disclaimer: we're not affiliated in any way with them.

2.3 Concept

This indicator is born because we identified 2 types of traders :

1) Those who want to play with the indicators and discover a sound system by themselves.
That's why we made the Algorithm Builders (Singles/Multiples) + Backtest suites

2) Those who want to be guided way more and get signals that actually are very coherent AND without too much configuration on their end.
We're very aware that this point is a big claim and to prove how confident we are with our Algorithm Builder (INDEX), we're sharing on TradingView the signals given by the tool at the end of each day.
Our new PREMIUM customers automatically get a 3 weeks trial to try out all of our indicators and see themselves how they perform.
We could show you all the track records/backtests in the world (which could easily be faked with very optimistic setups or photoshop) - instead, we'd like YOU to try our products yourselves during your Trial - as this would be the best proof you could ever get that our indicators could help your trading.

III. πŸ”… The INDEX Framework πŸ”…

ALL signals are displayed because they have to be taken (unless invalidated or risk too big) because we cannot know before what signal will lead to big profits versus get invalidated.

Those signals were made such as :
- in case of a risk of losing capital, we would lose a small amount thanks to the invalidations/hard exits.
- give only signals where the Risk-to-reward is decent enough and the risk is not disproportioned compared to the potential reward.
- NOT a guarantee at all but we made those signals such as they'll reward the traders with about 30/50 pips gains per trade.

Assuming the Algo INDEX gives 5 trades a day and you applied it on 3 indexes and 1 trade per index is a loss (= likely invalidated with a small loss - a Stop Loss could always happen but we designed it to prevent those from happening), then we're not aware of any other trading method/system beating that on index trading. Period.

And we're actively monitoring what the competition is doing on a daily basis always to stay ahead.
I'll explain below which market condition is riskier and how to act (which is better than usually reacting in trading or in life in general).

IV. πŸ“œ The 10 Commandments πŸ“œ

1️⃣ You shall read our guide on our website and look at the video tutorial.
URL available on this script signature (you'll have to scroll down a bit and going past the long description) and in my profile status.
I give way more details there and won't give too much info here because it will make this script description way too long.

2️⃣ You shall follow the method religiously and trade like a β€œMACHINE”.
All graphical elements displayed on the chart by our indicator is useful (= to be used) and has been thought of, tested and traded with for years.
We know that adopting someone else's method is a huge leap of faith but it's required sometimes to ask our clients to trust us.

3️⃣ You must always consider the supports and resistances.
We know it could be surprising to see so many S/R displayed by the indicator but you'll have to trust us on the following claim: They're all important and must be considered before entering a trade or not

4️⃣ You must Not change the recommended chart timeframe.
Even if the chart timeframe is 1 minute, the sub-indicators used are very smoothed and based on indicators in 15/30/1h timeframes.
Entering in a 1 min chart allows to enter sooner and this combined with multi timeframes indicators allows to enter when a trend is confirmed.

5️⃣ You Must NOT trade anything else than indexes with this indicator.
As said before, we're working really hard on releasing a similar assisted trading framework for cryptocurrencies and other asset classes (FOREX, COMMODITIES , ...) and we aim to release the Algo Builder CRYPTO before the end of this year.
We started with the ALGO INDEX because it's our specialty, there is a ton of liquidity in that market and a lot of traders asked for it - we would say almost as close as the number of traders asking us for an ALGO CRYPTO framework.

6️⃣ You shall know the Leading Trend displayed on your chart

- Signal in the same direction of the leading trend: i.e. green signal on a green chart background and red signal on a red chart background.
- Signal given regardless of the leading trend direction.

In other words, green/red signal may be displayed on either background color (green/red)
In that scenario, we recommend waiting for a pullback near the EMA (20) and set your SL to breakeven quickly.

⚠️ To be clear; ALL signals should be taken but those against the trend could require a pullback as explained above.

7️⃣ You shall know your trading profile
Trend confirmation when entering against the leading trend: You'll also notice that the leading trend is real and strong.
Let's assume a trader enters in a LONG position/RED background and then the chart background turns GREEN at some point later on.
You'll often see that this "event" will confirm even more the trend direction and that's when the trend could very likely accelerate.

8️⃣ You will embrace the Hard Exits philosophy.
The framework won't work as well as expected without them.
It's even the most important "commandment" and it requires to be rigorous and throw away to the bin whatever we might think and feel.
Not exiting a signal when invalidated because you feel differently will not work.

9️⃣ You must know the Risk and Money Management basis.
Each market is unique and cannot possibly be traded the same way.
We're happy to provide a few guidelines for the INDEX market just below.

- Know your macro events with the daily economic calendar.
- Stay consistent with your position sizing
- Stay consistent with your trade management

πŸ”Ÿ You Shall Test and Make your Own Conclusions.
You have a FREE TRIAL period to test because we know that many traders aren't full-time traders and have a family/job/life outside trading.

So take your time to visually backtest the signals, trade with small positions, follow our rules and learn from your own experience.
While we keep saying "do this, do that", we're not dogmatic at all and we welcome any feedback you might have that could benefit the community and we'll likely integrate it if we see a good value in your idea.
You can submit an idea/feedback/comment by contacting me directly.

V. 🧰 Features 🧰

5.1 Supports and Resistances

The indicator displays the main algorithmic supports and resistances according to our trading method for INDEX.

5.2 Choose your favorite risk management algorithm

1/ Pre-defined and recommended mode for this INDEX framework - Algo S/R method using:
- the nearest algorithmic resistances for the take profit levels.

2/ Define your own Stop-loss and Take-profits level in real-time

Stop-Loss Management

For what's following, let's assume that 2 is the stop-loss value you inserted in the indicator, and the Algorithm Builder gives a BUY signal.
This is NOT a recommendation at all, only an example to explain how this feature works.

- %Trailing: The Stop-Loss starts 2% away from the entry price - and will move up (because we're on a BUY trade as per our example) every time your trade will gain 2% profit
- Percentage: The Stop-Loss stays static 2% away from the entry price. There is no trailing here
- TP Trailing: This is a very awesome feature. The stop-loss is set 2% away when the trades start.
When the TP1 is hit, the stop-loss will be moved to the Entry price (also called breakeven).
When the TP2 is hit, the SL is moved to the previous TP1 position
- Fixed: Set the Stop-Loss at a fixed position (value should be in currency/units)

Take Profits Management

You can manage up to 2 take profit levels defined as a percentage or price value.
The expected input is in percentage value (for instance, setting the % target of TP1 to 2% will set the TP1 level 2% away from the entry price

5.3 Built-in Trade Manager

This is very likely the most loved utility script that we shared on TradingView.
It's included in your Algorithm Builder - Single Trend+, and will certainly help you immensely to analyze your charts and your trades.
We made sure that all the graphical elements on the chart will be updated in real-time whenever our user change anything on the indicator configuration.
You'll also be able to change the Trade Manager labels positions as you wish :)

5.4 Built-in Risk-to-Reward Panel

The good stuff doesn't stop here.
You'll notice that this sometimes green (when in a LONG), sometimes red (when in a SHORT) panel at the right of your chart.
It displays for the selected trading algorithmic (see 2.3.2 above), a ton of useful real-time analytics.

- Entry Price: the price when the Algorithm Builder will give a signal.
- The Trade PnL in percentage.
- Entry Stop Loss: Distance (in currency/units) between the selected stop-loss algorithm (percent, trailing, TP trailing, etc.) and the entry price.
- Entry TP1: Distance (in currency/units) between the entry price and the first take profit
- Entry TP2: Distance (in currency/units) between the entry price and the second take profit
- Risk/Reward TP1: Using the Stop-loss distance at entry, and Take Profit 1 at entry to compute the risk-to-reward ratio.
- Risk/Reward TP2: Using the Stop-loss distance at entry, and Take Profit 2 at entry to compute the risk-to-reward ratio.

For more details, please check the guides section of my website. Links are in my signature and profile status.

5.5 Built-in PnL real-time calculations

YES!!!! you read it correctly
The panel displays the risk-to-reward ratios but also the PnL (Profit and Loss in percentage value) of the current and last trade

VI. πŸ”” Alerts πŸ””

We enabled the alerts on the:
1. Main BUY/SELL entries
3. Exit Signals such as stop-loss, take-profit, hard-exits

VII. 🧬 Compatible with trading bots?🧬
I'm very aware of all existing solutions out there allowing us to capture the TradingView alerts (Instabot, ProfitView, ...) and forwarding them to the brokers to automatize your trading.
You'll find a more detailed answer on our website.
Oct 20
Release Notes: - Added members features
Oct 30
Release Notes: The Algo Builder INDICES is now easier to use

- Default mode removed - only the Trade Manager remains now. This simplifies a ton this indicator.
We provide the entries but the exists are now up to you.
Because we cannot know what is your capital, risk appetite, and goals. We try to provide the BEST entries and the BEST risk management, but the exits have to be defined accordingly to who you are.

- Safe Mode: We often say to wait for a pullback near the EMA20 when we get a signal against the trend.
We automatized that option with that checkbox πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ - We'll talk about it during the LIVE coaching.

- Fixed Distance Value: You can now set a stop-loss in distance points value.
Use case: You'd like to set a stop-loss 40 points away from your entry

- Fixed Take Profit Distance: Define your Take Profit 1 and 2 with a distance in points value.
Use case: Set the first take profit 40 points away from the entry price, and the second one 60 points away. (those values are only to illustrate my point πŸ˜‰)
USE TP TRAILING MODE: Apply a TP trailing for your selected stop-loss.
This is a very remarkable feature. Assuming the stop-loss (SL) is set 2% away when the trades start.
When the TP1 is hit, the stop-loss will be moved to the Entry price (also called breakeven).
Then when the TP2 is hit, the SL is moved to the previous TP1 position.
This is a decent way of protecting your gains.

- SMART TradingView alerts: They work even better now - only triggering when in a trade and once per trend
Those trading based on alerts will enjoy this feature very much. We'll update by end of this week all of our scripts using this new exciting feature.
Oct 30
Release Notes: - Added member features
Nov 04
Release Notes: - Fixed members feature
Nov 04
Release Notes: - Added member features
Nov 11
Release Notes: - Internal algo improved
Nov 13
Release Notes: - Fixed the "too many drawings" bug
Nov 20
Release Notes: - Enhanced Trade manager included
Nov 26
Release Notes: - Upgraded the internal algo with better stop loss logic
Nov 26
Release Notes: - added member features
Nov 26
Release Notes: Fixed the safe mode
Dec 08
Release Notes: - Upgraded internal algorithm for the Indices engine
- EMA20 integrated
Jan 06
Release Notes: - Added TP3
- Fixed SL alert issue
Jan 12
Release Notes: - Added TP3
- Added Trailing pips based on our indices method (Game changer)
- A few optimizations
Jan 31
Release Notes: - removed the emoji due to platform bug. I found the workaround. Now everything should be back as normal
Feb 09
Release Notes: - Added TP trailing BE + buffer
- Added alerts for hard exits BUY and SELL
Feb 16
Release Notes: - added an optimized version for 5 minutes chart
Feb 17
Release Notes: - added safe mode pullback
Feb 17
Release Notes: - fixed data window stats
Feb 23
Release Notes: - Updated alerts for MetaTrader 4/5
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