How it's different: I have yet to see RSI combined with MACD

How it works: So RSI is traditionally based on a 1 to 100 scale; that remains the same here. However, MACD is determining the buy and sell thresholds. As RSI moves through those thresholds, we're able to make trades. The background color also changes from strong green to white to strong red according to the level of RSI . if RSI goes above 80 then the threshold will have a fuchsia color, if RSI goes below 20 it will have an aqua color.

How to use it: So as usual indicators can be used in many ways, but I suggest using it the following way. If you're going to take a long position and let's say currently RSI is below the buy threshold, according to this indicator, you would not buy until it crosses the threshold. After crossing the threshold the RSI line will turn black. If after buying the RSI line turns from black back to green, I suggest selling immediately. If it continues to be black and eventually turns red, I suggest holding. After it's red, it will have crossed or touched the selling threshold, you can choose to sell immediately, or you can choose to hold. The ideal scenario is that RSI moves past the red threshold and then eventually falls under it; afterwards the rsi line should go back to black color. I suggest selling before it crosses under the line.

Applicable Markets: Any market.

To obtain access to this script, please visit: http://www.crosel.ca/indicators

The price is currently $29.99 per month (Early Bird pricing). 1 month from now the price will increase to $49.99 per month.

After paying, please send me a PM here or an e-mail to info@crosel.ca with your full name and I will grant you access.

Bonus indicators Included:

- CroSel Tool Box
- CroSel Super Trend
- CroSel Hilo GANN
- CroSel PWV
- CroSel ROC
Release Notes: Updated to show clarity: Provided squares with green, red, lime, fuchsia to show weak, strong trade signals and removed repetitive signals (e.g. buy followed by buy).
Release Notes: Minor changes: RSI line width is now bigger and the title is more accurate.
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