Tom Demark Count (red)

This script shows the Tom Demark Based on Jan WillemDe Korver his interpretation. added the aggressive 13. and made the looks more pleasing for myself.
This prints the green stats.
You will also need Tom Demark Count (Green)
Release Notes: Added custom alerts for A13 and Perfect buy setup.

Bug Fix.
User kewbie, informed me on an issues with the 10 11 and 13 showing up as 1's.
Fixed this


Thnx for all the like's
Release Notes: Release Notes: adjust a few things.
look for my new indicator one for both red and green.

TD Sequential Phince v3.0 with alerts

and the free version without alerts.
Release Notes: Script updated, To improved single version, no need for the separate red and green script.
This is my new free version.

There is also a paid version, with alerts.

link to paid version

Good-luck trading.

kind regards,
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