Rip Dip Signals v2 - Optimised For Automation


After the success of v1, we have evolved somewhat to include various additional features in line with automation, such as features offered on the 3commas platform. If you haven't yet got an account and would like to start automating your trading strategy, you can do so by signing up here: - This script can of course be used for manual trading assistance.

Chart Index

- Green arrow = Buy
- Red Arrow = Sell
- Green X = Take Profit triggered
- Orange X = Trailing Stop Loss triggered
- Red X = Stop Loss triggered
- Green dotted = Take Profit target
- Red dotted = Stop Loss target


RDS Bull - exit signals maximizes profit on uptrends/breakout 

RDS Range - signals optimised for range action

RDS Rip/Dip - signals optimised for dips and recovery

✅ Only trade above X MA (default OFF) - trade above your preferred MA only

✅ Exclude downtrend - Will not open trades when trending south

✅ Alerts - Consolidated into just two alerts Buy & Sell. So, when TP/SL/ TSL are triggered they will be covered within the Sell alert.

✅ Timeframes - Works will all timeframes, although it's recommended to use with 1Hr +. Be sure to adjust your SL/TP accordingly.

🙏  More info, feature requests and support can be found on the Telegram Channel:

Its's taken a large number of working hours to develop and will be continuing to strive for further improvements going forward. If you're feeling grateful and having success using RDS , why not leave a donation!

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RDS v1 - Free to use (basic features)

RDS v2 - Advanced features as described above. You can subscribe here for full access:

Release Notes: Bug fixes
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