Table: EMA Surveillance

This script will show information of interest about Moving Averages from the selected timeframe.

The idea is to provide data from higher timeframes (Daily preferably).

The information provided includes:
• selected length and calculation
• a relative position of the close to the average (above, below, and how much)
• how many periods passed since the moving average has been tested - any break counts as a test, it doesn't have to close on the opposite side

Global Settings:
• Timeframe of the moving averages
• Choose to see simple words such as "Above" / "Below" OR the specific percentage OR how much percentage % it moved from the moving average?

Moving Average Settings:
• Up to 6 different lengths
• You can deactivate the averages you don't need

I hope it will be useful. Good luck!
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Not able to understand.. How to use..
greenmask9 bhavasarhemang
@bhavasarhemang, Lots of traders use averages to determine a trend. Daily MAs are most suitable for the task.