Profit Accumulator Momentum Trend Indicator

Momentum Trend Indicator

This is a support indicator to the Main Indicator which has also been published.

This indicator uses a modified stochastic trendline and a smoothed momentum line (which combines stochastic , RSI and moving average). This is a centred oscillator from -100 to 100 which makes it easier to track. The stochastic line is the quicker moving line which potentially acts as the first trigger. If the momentum line then begins to follow, then it is an indication that a trade should be made.

  • Long Trades: The Stochastic line is above 25 and the momentum line is greater than -25.
  • Short Trade: The Stochastic line is below -25 and the momentum line is less than 25.

Whilst an actual alert function is not set for the indicator, the TradingView alert function can be used to trigger a message when either the stochastic line or momentum line crosses -25/25 (the key levels).

I've been using this successfully on the one hour FX charts, but seems to work equally as well on higher or lower time frames (not less than 15min).

The other indicators which are part of the suite are shown on the website which is highlighted in my signature at the bottom of the page. Purchase of the main indicator gives access to the full suite of eight indicators. I use the other indicators to confirm the direction of the trade and to determine if I want to trade or not. I use it along with the 2min, 15min and 4hr timeframes to identify the best entry window and how long I'm likely to be in the trade.

Support can be provided via private message or in the comments below.

The links are provided below for access to the indicator.
Release Notes: An RSI function has been added to the indicator (blue line) which has been converted into a centred (-100 to 100) oscillator. A value of -25 would indicate a potential short trade and a value of +25 would indicate a potential long trade.
Release Notes: The indicator has been updated to add in the Inverse Fisher Transformation indicator in the form of a centered oscillator as per the others as part of this indicator. Once again, when the IFT is at >100 this indicates a buy signal and then it indicates <-100 this indicates a sell signal.

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