Ro FX:AUDUSD Strength Index

Forex AUDUSD             Strength Index is calculated by the major exports of Australia, those are iron,coal, natural gas             , gold             , oil             , copper             and wheat             . As Australia economy relies on resources more than product and services, rate of change at export prices can give good information about the currency strength. The influence factor of each export type is determined by OEC Australia Export Reports.
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Hey Rollas, Nice script! Is it possible for me to see how you coded it? I'm interested in building something similar


rollas PRO AleksanderThor
a month ago
roPriceSteel1 = security("NYMEX:TR1!", "D", close)
roPriceSteel2 = security("NYMEX:TR2!", "D", close)
roPriceSteel = (roPriceSteel1 + roPriceSteel2) / 2
roPriceCoal = security("INDEX:DSCL", "D", close)
roPriceNaturalGas = security("FX:NGAS", "D", close)
roPriceOil = security("NYMEX:CL1!", "D", close)
roPriceGold = security("FX_IDC:XAUUSD", "D", close)
roPriceCopper = security("FX:COPPER", "D", close)
roPriceWheat = security("OANDA:WHEATUSD", "D", close)
roPriceUSD = security("TVC:DXY", "D", close)

roAUDStrength = (roc(roPriceSteel,100) / 4) + (roc(roPriceCoal,100) / 6.5) + (roc(roPriceNaturalGas,100) / 15) + (roc(roPriceGold,100) / 15) + (roc(roPriceOil,100) / 27) + (roc(roPriceWheat,100) / 41.5) - (roc(roPriceUSD,100) / 2.5)

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AleksanderThor PRO rollas
a month ago
@rollas, Thanks!
rollas PRO AleksanderThor
a month ago
@AleksanderThor, My pleasure :)