Hancock - IFT RSI T3MA

This is a version of the Inverse Fisher Transform Relative Strength Index with T3MA smoothing and histogram difference based on EMA signal line.

Configurable parameters:

RSI length - This is the period used for the RSI .
RSI Smooth Length - This is the smoothing period of the Weighted Moving Average used for the smoothing in Inverse Fisher Transform .
RSI Signal - This is the period used for EMA signal line.
RSI Overbought - Configures the overbought threshold (0.5 default).
RSI Oversold - Configures the oversold threshold (-0.5 default).

T3 Smoothing - Enabling this applies T3MA smoothing to the RSI .
T3 Length - This is the period used for the T3MA smoothing of the RSI .
T3 Factor - This is the factor used for the T3MA smoothing of the RSI .

I've added a histogram plotting the difference between the signal line and RSI to make it easier to make trades. Oversold and Overbought thresholds are indicated by the red and green horizontal lines. Signal line is coloured for trade direction.

Happy trading folks!

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