™TradeChartist Entry/Exit Indicator

™TradeChartist Entry/Exit Indicator is an easy to use indicator that plots very high probability BUY and SELL signals on the chart along with an optional dynamic trigger line for SELL and BUY which can be used as a reference for Stop Loss/ Trailing Stop Loss.

What does the ™TradeChartist Entry/Exit Indicator do?

  • Plots very high probability BUY and SELL signals on chart

  • Plots dynamic BUY or SELL trigger lines that can be used to

    ---------1. Set Stop Loss reference or Trailing Stop Loss.

    ---------2. Anticipate change in trend/momentum when price breaches the trigger line.

  • Plots BUY and SELL price lines which are Candle open prices when BUY/SELL signals are posted.

  • Alert traders when BUY/SELL signal is generated and Trigger for BUY/SELL is breached.

  • Plots Background vertical Signal break lines at BUYs in green and at SELLs in red.

  • Plots % Gains based on candle close in real-time and based on candle high for BUY/candle low for SELL on previous candles calculated from the candle open price at BUY/SELL.

  • Plots RSI colour candles based on user preferred Overbought and Oversold RSI levels from indicator settings.

  • Paints background colour for BUY and SELL zones which can be changed from indicator settings under Style tab to personalise the chart screen.

What markets can this indicator be used on?

  • Forex

  • Stocks

  • Commodities

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • and almost any asset on Trading View

Works really well when there is good volume , volatility or both in the asset observed/traded.

Does this indicator repaint?

No and Yes

  • Once the confirmed BUY (in green) and SELL (in red) signals are posted after a candle close, it doesn't repaint.

  • Repainting happens for real time BUY and SELL trigger plots on the current candle as price tries to breach the trigger line.

For confirmed BUY and SELL alerts, use alerts on candle close. Real-time BUY and SELL trigger alerts can also be set.

Does the indicator send alerts when a signal is generated?

Yes, traders can get alerts by setting Trading View alerts for BUY/SELL Signals and BUY/SELL Triggers. For confirmed BUY/SELL alerts, 'Once per bar close' must be used.

Why are there two Signal Generator types in the indicator settings?

The two types of signal generators cater to almost all types of traders and trade types. Some assets perform well with Type 1 and some assets with Type 2. Also some traders prefer Type 1 and some prefer Type 2 based on variation in frequency of signals on the asset observed. Both types can be used along with 'Use Heikin Ashi Candles' from the indicator settings to have more combinations to test on an asset for maximising gains.

Type 1 on GBPUSD 1hr chart

Type 2 on GBPUSD 1hr chart

Type 1 normally works well with most types of assets.

Should the indicator be used on normal candles or Heikin Ashi candles?

The indicator can be used on either of the candle types. If signals from Heikin Ashi chart needs to be plotted on normal chart, just check 'Use Heikin Ashi Candles' from indicator settings. It may not be exact, but very close as it mimics Heikin Ashi chart trend.

Heikin Ashi charts are recommended to spot trends and reversals but they don't reflect real OHLC values in the candles, so BUY/SELL entry price points may not be ideal using Heikin Ashi charts especially when there are gaps in price action (example Stocks, FOREX, Commodities ). For real OHLC prices and to know exact price points for entering/exiting trade, use normal candlestick charts. It is purely for this reason Heikin Ashi chart signals can be mimicked on normal candles using 'Use Heikin Ashi Candles' option from settings without having to switch between the two.

It can be seen from the GOLD 1hr charts above (Heikin Ashi on left and normal candlestick chart on right), the indicator mimics signals sensibly (not copy) and doesn't use same entry values as Heikin Ashi chart to aid the trader with practical trade execution.

How do the Trigger Lines work and should they be used?

Trigger for BUY/SELL lines are coded to adapt to bull and bear power in the asset trading environment and helps the trader to anticipate change in trend based on direction of price momentum when enabled from indicator settings (On by default). Traders can use trigger lines as reference for Stop Loss points. For example, when a BUY signal is posted, the 'Trigger for SELL' can be used as initial Stop Loss reference and as price starts going up, the trigger line starts moving up enabling the trader to use it as a trailing stop loss point which helps secure or lock profits as they act as ideal support/resistance lines based on the type of trade too. BUY/SELL Trigger lines can be enabled or disabled from indicator settings 'Inputs' tab.

Also, the trigger lines can alert traders to anticipate change in trend/momentum when price hits them and it helps them take a position, either Long or Short when confirmed BUY/SELL signal is posted. As price tries to breach the trigger lines, they change from 'Trigger to BUY/SELL' to 'BUY/SELL Triggered' as shown below on 1hr Gold chart. This feature is coded purely to signal the trader a potential change in trend/momentum. The trigger lines also act as strong support/resistance so only a confirmed close above them will ensure a High Probability Trade.

It should also be noted that price tends to test the BUY/SELL trigger lines to see if a breach is possible. A rejection at trigger lines could mean trend continuation in the signal direction. Traders could use other trend indicators like Ichimoku cloud , stoch , TRIX etc. to make an informed trade decision here. In the chart below, the 'BUY triggered' label has changed back to 'Trigger for BUY' as price failed to close above it.

What is the use of 'Plot BUY/SELL Price Line'?

Enabling BUY/SELL price line from settings (On by default) plots the price line corresponding to candle open when BUY/SELL signals were posted on the chart by the indicator. Open price is used as it is close to the trigger lines and is a fair reference point for indicator to calculate the gains plot on chart since BUY/SELL signals.

Can trade gains be plotted on chart and how are they calculated?

To show percentage gains on chart, just enable 'Show % Gains on Chart' from indicator settings (Off by default). As explained above, % gains are calculated from BUY/SELL candle Open price to high (for Long trades) or low (for Short trades) and to current candle close (for both Long and Short trades) as it helps see real-time gains from BUY/SELL candle Open price. The % gains are plotted as below.

0 - 0.75% - ↑ in green
0.75-1.5% - 1% in green
1.51-2.5% - 2% in green
2.51-3.5% - 3% in green
3.51-4.5% - 4% in green
4.51-5.5% - 5% in green
5.51-10.5% - 5+% in green
10.51-20% - 10+% in green
20+% - 20+% in green

Down from Entry - ↓ in red

What are RSI Colour Candles?

RSI Colour Candles are visual candle plots in colour (Blue when RSI>60, Yellow when RSI<30 and On by default) that help trades spot RSI levels at a glance visually from the chart in real-time without the need for another indicator on screen. Traders can also choose the source to be used for plotting RSI colour candles from indicator settings input tab and change candle colours from indicator settings style tab. The length for RSI calculation is 14 and works well for almost any trading scenario and cannot be changed from indicator settings. The default overbought RSI is set at 60 as it helps spot momentum increase and big moves happen above 60 RSI . When deciding to sell or buy, RSI can be tuned from settings to spot decent entry or exit. For example, RSI>80 on a red Heikin Ashi candle (blue body and red border) after an uptrend could signal potential sell-off or RSI<30 on a green Heikin Ashi candle (yellow body and green border) after a down trend could signal a good move up. In the example daily chart of RVN-BTC below, RSI>75 on a red Heikin Ashi candle signalled a potential sell off way before the actual SELL signal plot on chart.

What is the use of Signal Break Line Plot and Paint Background options from indicator settings?

Signal break lines can be useful if traders prefer to switch off BUY/SELL signals from indicator settings to show where previous signals were generated. (On by default)

Paint Background is just a nice to have feature that paints the signal zones to personalise the chart screen. (Off by default). The background paint colours can be changed from indicator settings style tab.

4hr SPX chart below showcases the difference when the Signal Break Lines and Background Paint options are used with BUY/SELL signals switched off.

Important Note:

When using this indicator on a chart, check 'Scale Price Chart Only' and 'Auto (Fits Data to Screen)' by clicking on settings wheel on the bottom right under the chart screen as shown below. If not checked, the chart screen will look like one on the left as shown below.


This is not a free to use indicator. Get in touch with me if you would like access to the indicator for a 1 day trial before deciding on a paid access for a period of your choice. Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and 1 Year access available.

Release Notes: Code Update to Pine Script Version 4 - 02/07/2019

Added - Real time Indicator and Rates Dashboard
Added - Pivot High/Low
Added - EMA plot

Removed - Type 2 Signal Generator - Only 1 Type now
Release Notes: Added: Option to display Ichimoku Cloud (Cannot hide if Ichimoku or Combo Dashboard displayed)
Added: Ichimoku Dashboard and Combo Dashboard(includes Ichimoku and basic indicator realtime values)
Added: Dashboard position now can be adjusted using both X and Y coordinates
Updated: Ability to display Accurate Gains % now on Dashboard calculated from BUY/SELL Triggers

Update: For Bitcoin trades like BTCUSD/ XBT/ BTCUSDT the script works great on 30m for LTF. Use bar replay to back-test best timeframe for asset traded.
Use 'Levels Generator with Fibs' along with the script to spot levels. Included as a complementary add-on script with ™TradeChartist Entry/Exit Indicator.
Release Notes: Fixed: Empty label/Overlapping label issue (resulting from Pine Script V4 bug fix from Trading View) now fixed.
Release Notes: Fixed: Dashboard colour issue
Added: New Dark Theme for white background charts
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