Vdub FX Sniper VX3 / Strategy

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Original coding
Vdub FX SniperVX2 Color v2

*Modified signal generator

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// http://www.vdubus.co.uk/
strategy(title='Vdub FX SniperVX3 / Strategy  v3', shorttitle='Vdub_FX_SniperVX3_Strategy', overlay=true, pyramiding=0, initial_capital=1000, currency=currency.USD)

//Candle body resistance Channel-----------------------------//
len = 34
src = input(close, title="Candle body resistance Channel")
out = sma(src, len)
last8h = highest(close, 13)
lastl8 = lowest(close, 13)
bearish = cross(close,out) == 1 and falling(close, 1)
bullish = cross(close,out) == 1 and rising(close, 1)
channel2=input(false, title="Bar Channel On/Off")
ul2=plot(channel2?last8h:last8h==nz(last8h[1])?last8h:na, color=black, linewidth=1, style=linebr, title="Candle body resistance level top", offset=0)
ll2=plot(channel2?lastl8:lastl8==nz(lastl8[1])?lastl8:na, color=black, linewidth=1, style=linebr, title="Candle body resistance level bottom", offset=0)
//fill(ul2, ll2, color=black, transp=95, title="Candle body resistance Channel")

//-----------------Support and Resistance 
RST = input(title='Support / Resistance length:', type=integer, defval=10) 
RSTT = valuewhen(high >= highest(high, RST), high, 0)
RSTB = valuewhen(low <= lowest(low, RST), low, 0)
RT2 = plot(RSTT, color=RSTT != RSTT[1] ? na : red, linewidth=1, offset=+0)
RB2 = plot(RSTB, color=RSTB != RSTB[1] ? na : green, linewidth=1, offset=0)

//--------------------Trend colour ema------------------------------------------------// 
src0 = close, len0 = input(13, minval=1, title="EMA 1")
ema0 = ema(src0, len0)
direction = rising(ema0, 2) ? +1 : falling(ema0, 2) ? -1 : 0
plot_color = direction > 0  ? lime: direction < 0 ? red : na
plot(ema0, title="EMA", style=line, linewidth=1, color = plot_color)

//-------------------- ema 2------------------------------------------------//
src02 = close, len02 = input(21, minval=1, title="EMA 2")
ema02 = ema(src02, len02)
direction2 = rising(ema02, 2) ? +1 : falling(ema02, 2) ? -1 : 0
plot_color2 = direction2 > 0  ? lime: direction2 < 0 ? red : na
plot(ema02, title="EMA Signal 2", style=line, linewidth=1, color = plot_color2)

//=============Hull MA//
show_hma = input(false, title="Display Hull MA Set:")
hma_src = input(close, title="Hull MA's Source:")
hma_base_length = input(8, minval=1, title="Hull MA's Base Length:")
hma_length_scalar = input(5, minval=0, title="Hull MA's Length Scalar:")
hullma(src, length)=>wma(2*wma(src, length/2)-wma(src, length), round(sqrt(length)))
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*6), color=black, linewidth=2, title="Hull MA")

//============ signal Generator ==================================//
ch1 = security(tickerid, Piriod, open)
ch2 = security(tickerid, Piriod, close)
longCondition = crossover(security(tickerid, Piriod, close),security(tickerid, Piriod, open))
if (longCondition)
    strategy.entry("BUY", strategy.long)
shortCondition = crossunder(security(tickerid, Piriod, close),security(tickerid, Piriod, open))
if (shortCondition)
    strategy.entry("SELL", strategy.short)

I tried this strategy...looked great in hindsight but when tried practically the signal appeared in retrospect. What it means is that if you see the chart now, for example 10 min chart, there is no signal but if you see the same chart after 1 hr the signal appears as if it came 1 hr ago!!! tried with all the time frames.
ducksjc naveensolanki
@naveensolanki, exactly my word. if ppl can read source code, ppl can see it is not good script at all.
Amazing Great Work!
Is there a way to add Alerts?
+2 Reply
Blizzardo windmill007
@windmill007, Also interested in this - if anybody can help that would be much appreciated!
You people should know this is too good to be true. LMAO change the version at the top to say //@version=3 and you will see the results instantly become very negative.
Please grant access 1solidell
Thank you very much.
WHY would anybody make a strategy, that scammes itself?? I spent 2 days and nights working with this scam... I bet some people even used it for real and lost their money. Wouldnt be surprised if somebody would be calling for a persecution... Now this is the last drop! There is no easy way in trading, back to the real work and I will never use anything made by anybody else than me personally... this sucks, really...
This script is junk. It uses the close of a future 8H bar in the strategy. It is not live, it knows information not available 7 hours in advance for the backtesting. Please understand this. You should immediately question a backtest that looks like that kind of performance.
mortdiggiddy PRO mortdiggiddy
@mortdiggiddy First of all these lines, with "Period" spelled incorrectly,

ch1 = security(tickerid, Piriod, open)
ch2 = security(tickerid, Piriod, close) // <----
longCondition = crossover(security(tickerid, Piriod, close),security(tickerid, Piriod, open))

The 3rd line with the arrow, the backtest study will "know" the closing price of the 8HR bar. There are ways around this but this strategy is complete crap. This is similar to that crap ANN Strategy out there. It knows information ahead of time in the back test study, since the close of a previous 8HR bar is known to the database well in advance.
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