Moving Median

This simple script was a collaborative effort with 4X4good.

It plots a moving median for the period using the 50th percentile value.

We wanted to know the median value of VIX but surprisingly, a median indicator wasn't yet available in the indicators library.

So we did a little research & put this together.

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//  Moving Median
//  developed by dime & 4X4good - 09/04/2016
//  Plots a moving median value for the period  
//  by using the 50th percentile value

study(title="median", shorttitle="median", overlay=true, precision=0)
length1 = input(20, minval=1, title="Period")

median = percentile_nearest_rank (close,length1,50)  //this returns the 50th percentile value

//alternative function
//level = percentile_linear_interpolation (close,length1,50)

plot (median,color=lime, transp=0, linewidth=2 )