Market Geometry

Geometric analysis is based on the conviction that the market conforms to geometric principles that take both price and time into account. This form of analysis is advanced and uses innovative tools and techniques. The founder of using geometry in trading is W.D. Gann who used angles, squares and other geometric constructions in his forecasting methods and introduced a whole new way of thinking about market analysis to the financial world.

There are several types of market geometry. Pitchforks are a widely used tool which, based on a channel drawn on major pivots, calculates a median line that provides a different market geometry perspective. This median line is key, which is why pitchforks are often called the median line method. For some chartists straight lines are too limited. They bring market geometry to another level by using arcs, circles and spirals. They measure the geometry, in price and time, of the market and allow a trader to fit past price action and then predict future moves based on potential support, resistance or reversal points.
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