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Dec 022021

A bad case of Mono

Blockchain start-up MonoX is hit big in the latest De-Fi hack.

  • A hacker stole over $31m in various cryptos from the MonoX network, including $18m in Wrapped Ether (WETHUSD) and $10m in Polygon (MATICUSD).
  • MonoX runs liquidity pools where people use their cryptocurrencies to help create liquidity in return for MONO tokens. The hacker exploited a glitch in the code to artificially boost the value of these tokens, which they then used to 'buy out' all the other cryptos in the pool (and so swipe the funds).
  • The De-Fi market has exploded over 1,686% this year, which has upped the risk. Over 169 blockchain hacks have led to over $7bn in funds lost in 2021.
This morning our contract has been exploited. We are sorry to our users who have deposited funds. The team is investigating and will try our very best to get the stolen funds back. We thank our community for your support.