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ORCL looking like a potential break on monday or this week
ORCL let’s see 140 this week before another launch.
ORCL Top of the channel. Mind the gap
ORCL This is what I'm looking at
ORCL wasn't expecting this erection for earnings, lol

Strong Quarterly Earnings: Oracle has shown strong financial performance in the recent past, with its stock price soaring after reporting results that beat analysts' expectations and highlighted its position amid the AI boom. This indicates a positive market response to its financial performance, which could lead to a higher stock price in the future.

Increased Price Targets by Analysts: Analysts have increased their price targets for Oracle, with some predicting a potential rise to $126.

These optimistic forecasts suggest that the market and analysts have confidence in the company's future growth and performance.

Positive Market Sentiment: The market's response to Oracle's earnings reports has generally been positive, with the stock price rising after strong earnings reports. This suggests that if Oracle continues to report strong earnings, the market could respond positively, potentially pushing the stock price towards $126.

High Growth Potential: Analysts predict that Oracle's earnings and revenue will grow significantly over the next 3 years. This high growth potential could attract investors and drive up the stock price.

Market Leadership: Oracle is a market leader in cloud computing and database software. Its strong market position and broad scope of offerings could contribute to its continued growth and success, potentially leading to a higher stock price.

Positive Industry Outlook: The cloud computing and database software industries are expected to continue growing, driven by the increasing need for digital solutions and data management. As a leader in these spaces,

Oracle is well-positioned to benefit from this industry growth.
AI-Related Gains: Oracle has been highlighted for its position amid the AI boom, indicating its potential to benefit from the growing demand for AI-related services and solutions.

ORCL nice post market
ORCL what we thinking
ORCL hourly higher low set. Daily uptrend, unfilled gap. Bullish market. Opportunity for LONG play