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T I'm curious, if sellers will emerge to keep the 4+ year downward channel alive. I feel the stock is cheap relative to its earnings, and that it's ready to continue higher.
T Idea:AT&T crashing out AT&T crashing out what more should i type

T Nice candlestick setup on this one for a long. Target above 17.2.
T i think soon we can we an up trend

BTCUSDT Bitcoin has reclaimed the 1T market cap today, a key milestone, for the first time since December 2021. It now has a bigger capitalization than giants such as Walmart, Tesla, or even Berkshire Hathaway
T and VZ both with near 7% yield. Either a fascinating time to get some dividends or the market expects them to cut their dividends. Must watch, that's for sure. My latest: Idea:The Slow Burn of Mega Telecom …

T $11.50-$12.00 by May? 15.50ish by October?

SL 16.40

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Coinbase announced that it will open transfers for Threshold T on January 25th at 9am PT, and open trading for T on January 26th at 9am PT. In addition, Coinbase will disable trading for NuCypher NU and Keep Network KEEP on February 6th at 9am PT. Users will be able to withdraw these assets at any time.