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TONUSD The global remittance market - we may have noticed around the world right now there is a much bigger amount of migration going on for various different reasons, some socioeconomic factors such as better opportunities and better-paying jobs in other countries, but also because of things like war and famine. A lot of these people are working very hard, making money, and then sending it back to their fam in their own country. However, lots of them don't want to do it through traditional banking systems, so what do they do? They get themselves a TON wallet on Telegram, and these are the people who have been actively using it the most. People are now working for international companies being paid in cryptocurrency, and therefore the TON wallet could be at the center of all of this. Mass adoption could be going ahead in the coming years; if 1.5 billion people on Telegram start to become active, start to actively trade, and use that ecosystem, then the Toncoin sits at the center of all of this. The Ton total value locked is growing month on month despite the fact the market is cooling down over the last month or so. Ton has been moving towards the upside in TVL, and this is extremely bullish and fairly stable compared to the others. The market cap of $20 billion is big, fully diluted $29, but we want to have some risky assets and maybe some more stable assets if we go through an explosive growth phase in this bull market.
If we actually do witness some form of mass adoption happening, then there is a good chance that the projects will succeed and actually gain active users who are going to be spending money and actually using the platform.
If this project will not be turned over by SEC, it could be a monster.

TONUSD It'll blow up