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XLMUSD $0.064-$0.0785 looking like a reasonable place to buy in looking at weekly. jmo
XLMUSD the worst investment is xlm
XLMUSD is lock 🔒 turtle coin

XLMUSD Weekly chart looking good rn

Double bottom at .1011 we might actually see a nice bounce from here.
XLMUSD daily looks primed for a run up. weekly and monthly might flash some more wicks down though?
XLMUSD 0.087ish before we see any upside by the looks, maybe as low as $0.063

XLMUSD below .10$ unsurprisingly, -25% YTD.
.01$ just a matter of time.
XLMUSD My My, the weekly on XLM looks AMAZING. 👌
XLMUSD bullish shark targets of .106 near and .09 far so anything there would coincide wth btc halving dump event, if none of that plays out and no halving dump we going to the moon but .20 first, then .248 push with enough reinforcements on the team.

XLMUSD we need big candles go go go