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How to

Add chart with drawings or Idea to page

See Widget:TradingView Idea

Add video to page

See Widget:Vimeo

Add Page to Tree of Content

Add the page in the desired category by adding to bottom text:

[[Category:<name of category>]]

Highlight syntax of Pine

Place Pine code between <pine> </pine> tags

Create translated version of page

  1. Enter new page by adding two-letter language code, e.g. www.tradingview.com/wiki/Example_Page/es (important: do not add slash '/' after language code!)
  2. Click "create page"
  3. Add to top of new page template {{Languages}}. If translated page doesn't have language switch, add this to top of translated page too.
  4. If language switch doesn't show all languages, clear cache by adding to address bar ?action=purge
  5. For change page title from, for example, Extended Trading Hours/es to Horario Extendido de Operaciones, add in page following: {{DISPLAYTITLE:Horario Extendido de Operaciones}}