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You may download the latest version from After you downloaded an archive, please unpack it. Package content:

/datafeeds/udf/datafeed.js contains UDF-compatible datafeed wrapper (implements JS API to connect to Charting Library and UDF to connect to datafeed) . Sample datafeed wrapper implement pulse realtime emulation.
/static folder stores Charting Library internal content and is not intended for other purposes.
/index.html is an example of using Charting Library widget on your web page
/license.txt contains Charting Library usage terms
/tv-client.js contains an external Charting Library widget interface

Running the Library

This version of Charting Library is working out-of-the-box. You just have to setup your HTTP server to bind this folder to a some domain name. I.e., you may setup Apache to listen on any of your local host’s free ports and refer to folder containing unpacked Charting Library. After you’re done with it you will have your Charting Library ready.

You may see the working sample of Charting Library at . Sample UDF-compatible datafeed server is running at