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Language: English  • 日本語

Some widget features for your convenience:

  1. Button that allows to open the widget in a pop-up window. Great way to let your users experience the full power of the chart!
    Pop up widget.png
  2. You can set the default chart style in widget settings (i.e. OHLC bars, Line, Area, etc).
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  3. Widgets is available in a bunch of languages, in addition to default English.
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    Select the desired language in the drop down, the locale parameter will change to the new language. Copy and paste the embed code into your site. Enjoy!
    Available languages – how it looks:
    - Chinese (Taiwan)
    - English
    - French
    - German (Germany)
    - Hebrew
    - Italian
    - Japanese
    - Korean
    - Polish
    - Portuguese
    - Russian
    - Spanish
    - Thai (Thailand)
    - Turkish
    - Vietnamese