Background coloring with bgcolor

The bgcolor annotation function changes the color of the script’s background. If the script is running in overlay=true mode, then it will color the chart’s background. The color used in bgcolor can be calculated in an expression and an optional transp parameter (0–100, default 90) allows control over the transparency level.

Here is a script that colors the background of trading sessions (try it on EURUSD, at 30 minutes resolution):

study("bgcolor example", overlay=true)
timeinrange(res, sess) => time(res, sess) != 0
premarket = #0050FF
regular = #0000FF
postmarket = #5000FF
color notrading = na
sessioncolor = timeinrange("30", "0400-0930") ? premarket :
  timeinrange("30", "0930-1600") ? regular :
  timeinrange("30", "1600-2000") ? postmarket : notrading
bgcolor(sessioncolor, transp=75)
Options v: v4