Easy 5 Minute Futures Trading Signals Strategy

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Hi guys!
  • This strategy helps you when you take a buy or sell position, if the repetitive signal trend changes, it does not issue multiple buy or sell backs and the next signal changes and if your first buy or sell position is wrong, it helps you Compensate for the next position.

  • Using the redesign of the MACD & AO indicator by deleting the signal line and the MACD line, and using the histogram when it intersects the zero line, and using the Average True Range (ATR) indicator to prevent duplicate buy or sell signals.

  • In addition, dynamic support and resistance and a higher time frame such as 15 minutes have been used to better detect the ascending or descending trend.

  • The difference between this strategy and similar ones is that I used two separate formulas to calculate the buy and sell signals, not a fixed formula. Go to the settings and see, and if you are not careful enough with the default settings, Change your trading style to reach the best number in your desired time frame.

  • Automatic change of settings in different timeframes.

  • In short, you are surfing the chart until you find the right position.
Release Notes:
Offer the best numbers according to the time frame of your choice
Release Notes:
Change the default numbers
Release Notes:
Added RSI to the table
Release Notes:
Added number suggestions in the table
Release Notes:
Manually add optimal numbers for 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute timeframes in the table
Release Notes:
Improved table color
Release Notes:
Great update in all cases such as settings table and colors
Release Notes:
Correct the price of decimal currencies and change the default numbers of 1-minute timeframes
Release Notes:
Change 15-minute timeframe numbers and automatically change the correct and incorrect color settings
Release Notes:
Improved settings
Release Notes:
Added version to table.
Release Notes:
Shift the order of buy and sell signals in the settings.

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