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US Stock Markets bundle

Every American stock, ETF and index you can think of – at your fingertips. Explore the world's most powerful stock market in all its glory.

5 sources in 1 package

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CME Group futures

The ultimate source of insight from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Highly liquid futures markets mean oh-so-many more possibilities.

4 exchanges in 1 package

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Eurex futures

Track European markets and explore an entire continent of opportunities. Tap into the largest regional derivatives exchange.

all of Europe

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Global markets in your hand

We reliably connect you to hundreds of data feeds, with direct access to 2,019,615 instruments from all over the world, sourcing the highest-quality information used by professionals from institutional-grade data partners.


Global stock and futures exchanges


Brokerage feeds


All major crypto cex and dex


News providers

All the history

In markets, price is king. The more data you have about past prices, the better the strategies you can devise about where they might go next. That's why we're always working to bring the most extensive trading history for every asset – for example you can explore 187 years of gold data. Jackpot.

All in real-time

Never miss an opportunity with real-time, tick-by-tick data*. We source the highest-quality information, used by professionals, from a range of the most respected data partners in the business.

*We provide real-time data for free whenever we’re allowed. Some data is delayed for public display due to specific exchange regulations. However, you can always purchase the real-time equivalent if you need it.

All the angles

Why stop at candlesticks? You also gain instant access to – financials for world stocks, analysts ratings, forecasts and price targets, news from the top agencies, world economics data, crypto fundamentals, alternative datasets, and much, much more.

On every street

We're used in pretty much every town and city, everywhere. And when you’re operating on that level, you better make damn sure you’ve got only the best data.

Say hello, Wall St✌️
Top-grade information makes a world of difference to a trader. That's why we work with the best institutional data partners on the world's most famous street, and far far beyond it.
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